Lea Michele Enjoys Toast with Avocado, Shares Fit Body Photos on Instagram

Lea Michele Enjoys Toast with Avocado, Shares Fit Body Photos on Instagram
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Actress Lea Michele took to her Instagram to show off her delicious toast with avocado. As the actress is visiting New York, she took the time to enjoy a healthy meal, which she paired with some fresh green juice.

Welcome to New York?❤️

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It’s not a surprise that Michele follows a healthy diet – just look at her fit body! If you don’t follow the star on Instagram you’re missing out because Michele often posts her stunning figure. In one photo she is propped on a bed wearing a white bodysuit. There are many photos of Michele showing off her toned legs and flat tummy, which goes to show that she is definitely harboring some fitness secrets that keep her in such great shape.

NYC// Bed series

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Lea Michele Fitness Secrets

Michele has a passion for working out and eating healthy. The actress has publicly declared her love for SoulCycle time and again. In an interview with Shape magazine, she explained her love for fitness by saying, “”I love it. I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in, and I have a healthy relationship with my body. I’m in a really good place right now… The mind and body results after you do a workout you enjoy are incredible.”

For Michele, living a healthy life isn’t about the number that appears on the scale. Rather, all that matters for Michele is that she is active and feeding her body with healthy nutrients. Furthermore, Michele is very in tune with her body; she knows when she can push herself and when she needs to take a break. She continued, “I’ve learned how to listen to my body and know what I need in that moment… I can tell when my body is saying to take a break from working out, or when it’s saying, No, you’re being a little lazy, so that I can push myself to get going.

Michele is very body confident; she has admitted that she loves her shape and how it complements her. Only standing at 5’2, Michele has admitted that her favorite body part is actually her legs.

Although working out is incredibly important to Michele, she also recognizes the importance of getting proper sleep. She said, “Sleep is the number-one thing that gives me energy. It’s imperative for me to get a solid eight or nine hours.”

Michele has been through her own amount of hardships, but she notes that when she is knocked down, that is what makes her rise a stronger person. She says that she tries not to take any moment or day for granted and surrounds herself with positivity and loving people. As she puts it, “I genuinely wake up every day with a really big smile on my face because I love my life.”

Lea Michele’s positive attitude and dedication to healthy living is what makes her such an amazing role model for young girls and women alike. Rather than trying to change herself, she simply enhances what she has. She fuels her body with proper nutrition and sleep while maintaining regular workouts. As you can see, Lea Michele’s fitness secrets aren’t really secrets at all; they are simply fundamentals to overall good health.


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