Mark Wahlberg and Trainer Share Fitness Secrets, Workout Dedication

Photo credit: Mark Bialek / ZUMA Press / Splas
Mark Wahlberg

Photo credit: Mark Bialek / ZUMA Press / Splas

Mark Wahlberg has a serious dedication to fitness and it’s quite evident when he takes off his shirt.

As a model in his earlier years, Wahlberg is no stranger to grueling workouts in order to keep his chiseled physique. Even now, he is working with a personal trainer to create his daily meal plan and workout plan for the Transformers 5 movie.

So what kind of exercises does Wahlberg perform and what sort of diet does he follow to look so great?

Well you can find out all of the actor’s secrets in this month’s issue of Men’s Health, but in the meantime, we will reveal some of those secrets to you now.

Men’s Health, September 2016.

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Mark Wahlberg Fitness and Diet Plan

When you think of Mark Wahlberg, you probably think of his arms. Their large size and strength have become iconic to many of the characters that he has played. In order to achieve his signature arm look, Wahlberg sticks to old-fashioned means to gain size on his biceps.

Wahlberg pyramids his weights, meaning he starts by lifting a fairly heavy weight for at least 10 repetitions and then raises the weight while reducing the repetitions. This style of training allows for many different muscle fibers to be targeted.

Although Wahlberg continues to look great, he has admitted that his age may be catching up to him. He notes that it’s getting more difficult to perform certain exercises, but tells Men’s Health it’s important that he continues to maintain such training so that he doesn’t completely lose his ability to work out.

A typical workout plan for Wahlberg includes pre-dawn workouts five times a week, which includes very minimal rests in between sets.

Wahlberg is part of a natural supplement line and has offered tips to those who work out. For starters, he stresses the importance of post-workout meals that can help aid in recovery.

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Improperly nourishing one’s self after a strenuous workout can result in fatigue, soreness, and nausea. He feels that nutrition actually outweighs the physical exercise and without proper nutrition, it is far more difficult to achieve your fitness goals.

So what does Mark Wahlberg eat to keep himself in great shape? Well even though he and his brothers are partners in Wahlburgers, it’s definitely not a burger and fries diet that gives him such definition.

Wahlberg’s diet is heavily affected by the role that he is preparing for and whether he has to be lean or buff. When a role calls for more muscle mass, Wahlberg has been known to consume up to 12 means a day in order to bulk up. An example of this can be seen in his training prior to Pain & Gain.

No matter how many meals Wahlberg consumes, he ensures they are always healthy and well balanced. He has been known to follow the 30/40/30 rule, which means all meals consist of 30 % carbohydrates, 40 % protein, and 30 % healthy fats.

As for his snacks, Wahlberg relies mainly on protein shakes and berries or bananas.

Although Mark Wahlberg may be in his 40s, there’s no doubt that he continues to look amazing. With an intense workout plan and fitness regime, Wahlberg manages to land heavy-hitting movie roles time and time again, including his upcoming Transformers: The Last Knight role.

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