Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne Workout: Trainer Jason Walsh Shares Workout and Training Strategies

Photo Credit: Claudia Oakenfull / Splash News
Matt Damon

Photo Credit: Claudia Oakenfull / Splash News

Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne workout is all thanks to his trainer Jason Walsh. At 45 years old, it’s assumed that Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne training was pretty intense – have you seen his abs and arms? So, what is the Matt Damon workout routine and diet?

The Matt Damon/Jason Bourne Diet

What was the Matt Damon diet plan for the Jason Bourne 2016 film? Although his exact diet plan is unknown, it has been reported that Damon had to eat six meals per day consisting of 25 percent carbs, 25 percent healthy fats and 50 percent protein, to prepare for the role.

Damon followed a strict diet and avoided all junk food – that is until he finished shooting and there was a giant pizza waiting for him. A great reward for all his hard work, but let’s get back to what Damon would eat in a typical day.

Matt Damon

Photo Credit: Brandon Voight / Splash News

Here is a sample of what Damon’s eating habits looked like while prepping for the role:

For breakfast he might have had whole wheat toast, three hard boiled eggs, nuts with tablespoon of honey and a glass of milk. His second meal of the day might have been a protein shake with a scoop of creatine and honey.

His lunch could have been a lean beef steak or skinless chicken breast and a beautiful green salad on the side, consisting of spinach and kale, avocado, some coconut oil and broccoli. A fourth meal would be another protein shake with a handful of nuts and seeds like pumpkin seeds, almonds, flaxseeds and pistachios.

Dinner time might feature a small portion of grilled salmon or red meat with a side of green beans. Finally, before bed Damon might have had a small amount of protein in the form of a shake or nuts to repair and fuel his muscles.

Keep in mind that for his entire training, Damon didn’t have a single cheat meal – now that’s dedication!

Matt Damon’s Exercises for Jason Bourne

According to Matt Damon’s long time fitness trainer Jason Walsh, Damon did a lot of cardio to prepare for the Jason Bourne role. And they weren’t confined to the gym – Damon and Walsh actually did a lot of outdoor running up steep mountains in Tenerife, Spain, where they were shooting.

Walsh even says Damon is a really good runner. He wanted to focus primarily on strength training exercises like pull-ups. He also did a ton of leg work with exercises such as Bulgarian split squats and pushing heavy sleds.

Damon also worked with a piece of equipment called the Versaclimber, which is used for cardio workouts and combines lower and upper body exercise in a vertical climbing motion. It’s also great because it has low impact on one’s joints.

Walsh’s objective was really getting Damon to a place of strength and resilience – and judging by how Damon looks and what he has shared about the great sense of accomplishment he feels – we’d say job well done!

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