Pregnant Celebrities and Their Diets in 2016: Blake Lively, Blac Chyna, and Courtney Stodden

Photo Credit: Aficionado Group/Splash News
Pregnant Celebrities

Photo Credit: Aficionado Group/Splash News

Blake Lively, Courtney Stodden, Blac Chyna, and other pregnant celebrities follow special diets that allow them to quickly regain their figure after giving birth.

During pregnancy, diet is more important than ever, for both the health of the mom and baby. Following the right, healthy pregnancy diet is important for feeling good while pregnant and ensuring a successful delivery.

However, after giving birth, most women are worried about their pregnancy weight gain. For some women, after they lose their baby bump, they don’t seem to lose much weight. This can be stressful, and getting back to their before-baby figure can be hard.

Celebrities depend on their bodies and appearances for their careers, so they always follow the right diets that can help them get back into shape. If you want to learn some handy tips for losing your post-pregnancy weight, looking at some success stories from the past week can help you find the right diet.

Trainer Reveal’s Blake Lively’s Pregnancy Diet

Blake Lively

Pregnant with her second child with actor and husband Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively has poached Reynolds’ trainer to help her get through her pregnancy without gaining too much weight.

The 28-year-old has already had success on the new diet plan implemented by her guru celebrity trainer, Don Saladino, which includes eating nutrient-dense foods and portion-controlled plates.

Restricting calories is not Saladino’s approach, nor should it be for the pregnant Lively. Failure for most, he says, comes from depriving people of the calories they need and the foods they enjoy. The key is moderation.

Blac Chyna Pregnancy Diet

Rob Kardashian and Blac ChynaChyna is expecting a child with Rob Kardashian. Recent Instagram photos have highlighted Chyna’s pregnancy with the caption, “Why should I watch my weight when I’m pregnant?”

Chyna seems content with her pregnancy weight gain. In June, her weight jumped from 139 pounds to 165.6 pounds.

Chyna has stated that she doesn’t care how much weight she gains during her pregnancy.

Courtney Stodden’s Pregnancy Diet

Courtney Stodden, Blac Chyna

Stodden posted a video in May showing her embracing pregnancy and dancing around the pool in a bikini. She wrote on Instagram, “Embracing these insane body changes with a smile lol.”

Stodden follows a healthy vegetarian diet and has promoted the vegetarian lifestyle on behalf of PETA. She eats proteins like nuts, tofu, and protein shakes. Some of her favorite foods include blueberries.

If you’re pregnant, the most important thing is to eat a healthy, nutritious diet to ensure the health of both you and your baby. Afterwards, there are some healthy eating tips you can follow to help burn off your pregnancy weight gain. Pregnant celebrities can be a good source of pregnancy diet tips, helping you find the right healthy foods to get back in shape after pregnancy.