Reese Witherspoon Follows Clean Eating Diet, Does Yoga to Stay Fit at Age 40

Reese Witherspoon
Photo credit: Splash News

Reese Witherspoon is America’s sweetheart. She is spunky, brave, bold, and smart. Who could forget her performance as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde (What, like, it’s hard?) or Cheryl Strayed in Wild?

Clearly Witherspoon has range when it comes to her performances, but what is also hard to ignore are her amazing body and glowing skin. So, what is the Reese Witherspoon fitness and diet plan?

Reese Witherspoon’s Diet and Fitness Plan

Witherspoon was photographed by the paparazzi in August while going for a jog in her neighborhood. Could this be her morning workout?

The blonde actress has reportedly been super focused on working out practically every day for the past few weeks. Wearing funky blue kicks with electric yellow laces, tight leggings, a casual grey tank and a baseball cap to boot, Witherspoon looked like the epitome of fitness.

This hot mom of three may be 40 years old but seriously, aging has never looked so good. She can credit her beautiful body to healthy eating and an overall active lifestyle.

Her clean diet means that she is disciplined. No flip flopping or fad dieting; this is about eating real food every day that is preservative-free, non-processed and non-refined, just like nature intended.

As mentioned above, Witherspoon likes to go for jogs. She especially loves to run with one of her gal pals, which usually lasts an hour. It turns out to be a bit like a therapy session, as they manage to talk about life, love, kids, and friends—all while burning calories.

Witherspoon is also seen wearing some of the cutest workout outfits around, showing off lots of color in her choices. Sometimes putting on clothing with a pop of color can improve your mood and help you feel motivated—perhaps this is one of Witherspoon’s strategies for consistency when it comes to exercising? She also works alongside her personal trainer, Michael George.

A personal trainer may not be an affordable option for everyone, but it is really great for staying on track and being accountable every day. Witherspoon also likes to mix up her workouts by adding in a yoga class or some hiking, too.

After her workouts, the actress is usually seen with some kind of beverage in her hand, whether it’s water, a smoothie, or a healthy juice. This goes to show that she knows how important it is to keep hydrated after a workout.

If you want to undergo a body transformation, try out some of the things Reese Witherspoon does to stay fit. Keep yourself disciplined by adapting to an overall healthy lifestyle and ditch the processed and junk foods. Cook healthy, wholesome meals instead.

Most importantly, get active and do some cardio! Grab a friend, partner, or pet and go for a walk, jog, or run outdoors while the weather is still nice. Or even try a yoga class. Keep it up regularly and you’ll likely see results.