Rio Olympics Tennis: Wimbledon 2016 Champ Andy Murray Preps Through Pilates, Strength Training and Diet

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Andy Murray

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Is Andy Murray ready for Rio Olympics 2016? Wimbledon 2016 champion does Pilates workouts and strength training exercises to get ready for the Rio Olympics. Ever wonder what diet Andy follows to stay on top of his game? What Andy Murray’s Wimbledon preparation workouts are?

Andy Murray

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Murray’s Preparation Workouts

Murray has to follow specific workouts and a strict diet to stay in excellent shape. After undergoing back surgery in 2013, Murray incorporated more Pilates and strength training exercises in his workout regimen. Pilates involves low-impact exercises that strengthen core muscles.

In addition, Murray engages in Gyrotonic training, which is a type of exercise that incorporates yoga and rotational movements with the use of handles and pulleys. The 29-year-old also tries to balance out his intense workouts with rest, on-court preparation, and an emphasis on flexibility, which is now a huge part of his routine.

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“Since I had my back surgery, I had to work on my flexibility and I have very stiff hips as well,” he said in a Sports Illustrated interview about working with Gyrotonics coach Teresina Goheen. “I have had to work a lot on that too. It not only helps my tennis, but improves the quality of my life as well. My back was sore all the time and now it is way better.”

Murray dislikes cardio and interval training, although he loves core work and weight training. Murray is sometimes required to train on different surfaces as preparation for tournaments. Sometimes he can spend up to three hours on clay courts, on top of 60 to 90 minutes in the gym.

Before hitting the courts, though, Murray works on his flexibility for an hour, paying particular attention to his shoulders. He also meditates before and during games to ensure he has a clear and sharply focused mind.

Murray’s Diet

Murray has revealed his diet for a successful day at Wimbledon. For breakfast, he has a bagel with scrambled eggs, half a bagel with peanut butter, a smoothie with bananas, berries and milk, and a whole melon, Before a match, he has some salmon and rice. After a match, he has pasta with broccoli and chicken.

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Although the 29-year-old tried a gluten-free diet and credits it for saving his health, he gave it up because it caused him to lose too much energy. Before matches, Murray used to eat pasta, but that has changed since it affected the way he played on the court, causing him to belch.

The diet Murray follows definitely does not involve cheats like chocolate or sweets before a match, but he does like ice cream now and again when he’s not preparing for a tournament.

He burns it off with his intense training schedule. Murray maintains a balanced lifestyle and eats quality foods like fruits and vegetables. He also works with a nutritionist.

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Is Andy Murray ready for Rio Olympics 2016? It certainly seems so, judging by how thoroughly he dominated Milos Raonic in the Wimbledon 2016 final. Tune in to the Rio Olympics to find out if Murray can take home the gold!

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