Salma Hayek Credits Workout, Healthy Lifestyle for Stunning Looks, but Can’t Resist Sausage on Cheat Days

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Salma Hayek

Photo credit: AXELLE WOUSSEN/

Salma Hayek’s fit and healthy lifestyle is credited to eating nutritious foods. She looks amazing and her toned bikini body is enviable. What’s even better is that Hayek still enjoys some of her favorite foods, like sausage, on cheat days. Let’s find out what Hayek’s diet plan and exercises are.

The Salma Hayek Diet and Workout

Mexican-born beauty Salma Hayek admits that food is her weakness. She loves to eat and relishes in the simple pleasure of enjoying a savory and delicious meal. She also loves red wine. This makes it harder to keep her weight down. In order to find balance, Hayek has set an “alarm number” for herself. When she notices that she is close to or at the alarm number on the scale, she knows it’s time to cut back.

Hayek admits she’s not a very high-maintenance lady, and as she verges on the age of 50, her body confidence goes through its ups and downs. She tries to focus on incorporating some of her favorite foods like carrots, beets and apples into her diet plan because she is really not into dieting at all. Instead, she just tries to focus on eating the healthiest foods possible so that she can take in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

But Hayek still enjoys herself. She even posted a picture of herself biting into sausage on a bun a few weeks ago to promote her newest animated movie Sausage Party, which co-stars Seth Rogen and Kristin Wiig, on Instagram.

#sausage party

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Hayek also admits that she doesn’t exactly work out. According to sources, the brunette does do yoga when she has time, but she says that tending to her family and career leaves her working 20 hour days. Hayek likes to put muscle into all the chores she does at home, and she has a busy schedule that keeps her active. When she does work out with her personal trainer, Sara Shears, she will do intense exercises for 30 minutes, up to seven days a week.

According to her trainer, she is very dedicated when she does work out. Some of the exercises in her workout include burpees, kickboxing, push-ups, planks, crunches, jump squats, Pilates, strength training and ball work.

She has also mentioned that the secret to her amazing physique is good posture. She apparently holds her body in such a way that it engages all her muscles throughout the day. One thing she really doesn’t like is getting up super early in the morning to work out, so she avoids that.

If you’ve seen her Instagram lately, you’d know that Salma Hayek looks amazing in her magenta bikini while lounging in her pool.

There is a merman under my swan #swan #summer. Hay un sireno debajo de mi cisne ??

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This goes to show that Salma Hayek’s diet and workout plan is effective. You can follow it, too, by focusing on eating nutritious foods, practicing cutting back when you are eating too much, doing 30-minute workouts every day, or even trying some yoga.