Sam Heughan Workout: Caitriona Balfe Impressed with Outlander Season 3 Stars Ripped Body

Sam Heughan
Photo credit: Theo Wargo / Staff/Getty

Sam Heughan, reported to be Caitriona Balfe’s boyfriend and fellow Outlander co-star, is showing off his chiseled chest and bulging biceps.

The actor was spotted after one of his morning workouts, which typically involve running and CrossFit.

Heughan recently took to his Instagram to show off a metal he got for completing a race with a time of 1 hour and 27 minutes.

The race was a charity event created to raise funds for blood cancer. He managed to raise $280,280 dollars. At the charity event, Heughan joked that he was thinking of eating whatever he wants and becoming really fat—but we spot a fib when we hear one.

Sam Heughan Workout and Diet

The show Outlander has romance, time travel, and plenty of action—how does Heughan stay fit to carry out the popular storylines? Well, the 6’3” actor hits the gym regularly so he can look like a warrior. The star admitted to doing a lot of running, including charity running and marathon running.

In order to achieve his big look—often running can make a person lean—he began doing CrossFit training with a trainer. He completed deadlifts and Olympic lifting to bulk up in size, along with plenty of conditioning work.

While he was in training mode for his role in Outlander, Heughan was training two to three times a day along with eating “everything”; but that doesn’t mean he ate junk food. Although to many it seems like he was eating a lot, Heughan stuck with clean foods.

Heughan opened up to Men’s Fitness and explained, “During shooting my weight did vary a little, because it is quite difficult when you are on location, and good nutrition can be hard to find. I started taking supplements, and I started eating protein bars as they were easy to carry around. In the last few months I went Paleo, as my character Jamie gets captured and he is in prison for a short while. I wanted to lean out a bit more, and I did find that that did help, though it was quite difficult at first to get into that regime.”

For his role in Outlander, Heughan had to bulk up, but when it came to When the Starlight Ends, he had to become lean. To reduce his mass, Heughan got back into running regularly and reduced his heavy lifting. For Heughan, running is an enjoyable experience and less about the goal of losing mass.

If you want to check out all of Sam Heughan’s body transformations, tune into Outlander—there are many scenes of the actor topless.

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