Super Fit Jamie Dornan, Sam Heughan, Andrew Lincoln up for 2017 Golden Globes: A Look into Their Workout Plans

Jamie Dornan
Credit: David Cannon / Staff/ Getty

Sexy Hollywood actors, Jamie Dornan of The Fall, Sam Heughan from Outlander, and Andrew Lincoln from The Walking Dead, are all nominated for the 2017 Golden Globes. The 74th annual Golden Globe awards ceremony will take place on January 8, 2017, where it will honor and recognize the best in American film and television. We wish these actors the best of luck, but let’s take a look at how they maintain their incredible physiques.

Jamie Dornan Workout

Jamie Dornan has an amazing physique and chiseled abs. His square chest and broad shoulders are some of the physical traits many fans remember from his role as Christian Grey in the film, 50 Shades of Grey.

So, what does Dornan do to look that good? Well, he does a variety of exercises including incline presses, weighted pull-ups, and shoulder presses. He also does Bulgarian split squats among other exercises.

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The key to achieving his physique and keeping it aesthetically pleasing is not going overboard and maintaining a lean and slender, but still toned and muscular physique. Because of this aim, Dornan likes to focus on key areas like his shoulders and upper chest. Here is a little peak into his workout:

Monday – Dornan works his shoulders, triceps, and back with seated shoulder presses, close grip bench sets, cable lateral raises, and weighted pull-ups.

Wednesday – It’s all about his abs and legs. Dornan performs hanging leg raises, abs wheel roll outs, sumo deadlifts, and Bulgarian split squats as well as a back bridge hold.

Friday – Dornan targets his chest and arms. Exercises like low incline bench presses, incline barbell bench presses, incline curls, and rope push-downs are some of the ones he is known to enjoy.

Saturday – It’s all about light cardio, abs, and calves. Jump rope or incline walking, hanging leg raises, standing one leg calf raises, and abs wheel rollouts are on the menu.

Dornan will take a rest on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sundays; he might do some light walking, yoga, martial arts or even play sports but he avoids formally workout out. It’s more about outdoor activities. This is the time his muscles get to recover.

His diet consists of eating minimal fat, as it’s important for him to maintain a less than 10% body fat score. This way, his whole body looks defined and chiseled. He maintains a proper nutritional diet and consumes a healthy amount of calories. This means he might stick with whole foods, low carbs, and a diet high in protein, vitamins, and minerals. This would definitely assist his results from cardio exercises.

Sam Heughan Workout

SamHeughan does a variety of exercises to maintain his strength and agility as well as his figure on the set of Outlander. The actor admits that a lot of CrossFit exercises have transformed him. He initially began doing this workout by himself on the set, and over time, realized how far he has progressed in terms of his strength and endurance. Exercises that would challenge him greatly are now used as warm-ups, and he experiences much more physical agility.

Heughan is usually working out anywhere from five to six days per week. He might do a spin class or he might do a Fight Camp competitive conditioning circuit. He also enjoys rowing as a warm up, interval training, and burpees. He also loves performing deadlifts.

Although his diet plan is unknown, it’s not a stretch to assume that he eats healthily with nutrient-dense foods as well as adequate amounts of protein.

Andrew Lincoln Workout

Lincoln is a respected television actor who has undergone rigorous physical training for his role. One thing he credits to his amazing physique is a love of running. The actor loves to do long distance running as a form of cardio.

It strengthens him and increases his endurance for long days on set of The Walking Dead. On the show, he does a lot of running, fighting, and sparring. He gains this stamina through running and even ran a marathon with his mom, which shows how much he enjoys it.

He is not a huge fan of going to the gym and instead prefers outdoor activities which combine his hobbies. He often trains by weightlifting and weight training with free weights. He also performs compound movements which helps stimulate and engage multiple muscles and muscle groups.

This, in fact, helps him increase muscle mass while balancing his cardio which results in his amazing physique. It’s not a stretch to assume that the actor also sticks with a healthy diet plan.

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