The Man of Steel Henry Cavill’s Superman Diet Plan Includes Six Meals a Day

Henry Cavill
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Man of Steel star Henry Cavill is best known for playing Superman on the big screen, but he has to eat a Superman diet that consists of six meals a day in order to don the superhero’s cape and skin-tight leotard.

Superman is one of the most famous superheroes of all time, known as much for his amazing abilities as for his iconic suit and imposing physique. In order to develop the look and body of Superman, Cavill had to work intensely to bulk up and put on large amounts of muscle.

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A strict diet and workout helped Cavill get in the right shape to play Superman. Cavill used intense exercises and a high-calorie diet to pack muscle onto his previously slim frame.

Henry Cavill’s Daily Meal Plan

To play Superman, Henry Cavill had to eat a Superman-sized diet.

Superman is supposed to be larger-than-life, with the comic-book hero known for his bulging pecs, hard abs, and Herculean figure. In order to get this look, Cavill had to put on a lot of weight. This meant eating a lot of food every day.

In fact, Cavill followed a diet that included six meals a day and over twice as many calories as most of us would eat in an average day. Every day, Cavill ate around 5000 calories. . Eating this many calories allowed Cavill to fuel his intense workouts and build large amounts of muscle.

Henry Cavill

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Cavill’s 5000-calorie diet included a lot of carbohydrates and fats, but he also ate a huge amount of protein. Protein is important for building muscle. Cavill would begin each day with heaping scoops of protein powder. In fact, according to his trainer, he would add scoops of protein powder to pancakes.

Other sources of protein in Cavill’s diet included lean meats, nuts, and egg whites. His diet was a well-balanced mix of vegetables, grains, fruits, and meat.

Henry Cavill’s Workout Routine

To play Superman, Henry Cavill had to pack on a lot of muscle. Even though the Hollywood star was already in shape for previous roles, such as in Immortals, being Superman meant getting a lot bigger.

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For his workout regimen, Cavill followed a series of workout stages, using different exercises to help get the best on-screen appearance. In the bulking stage, Cavill focused on putting on mass, using Olympic weightlifting exercises to build muscle.

After going through the bulking stage, Cavill then focused on getting more lean, toning his body using light cardio. This stage of his workout allowed Cavill to have the defined muscles and cut abs that he shows off in Man of Steel.

So if you want to look like Superman, focus on exercise and eat enough calories to help fuel your workouts. With the right diet plan and exercise, you can build muscle and have a physique more like Cavill’s.

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