Victoria Beckham, David Beckham’s Wife, Shares Beauty and Fitness Secrets, Eats Salmon for Beautiful Skin

Photo credit: Pascal Le Segretain / Staff/Getty

Victoria Beckham first rose to prominence with the all-female pop group called Spice Girls and was dubbed as Posh Spice. The 42-year-old now keeps herself busy as charity ambassador, fashion designer with her own fashion label, mother of four, and the wife of the famous former soccer player, David Beckham.

What are her fitness secrets and recipes for beautiful skin? Apparently, she works out almost every day, eats a lot of anti-inflammatory salmon, and gets oxygen facials from dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer, who also gives skincare advice to reality TV icon Kim Kardashian West.

Beckham’s favorite treatment from Dr. Lancer is a unique facial that boosts the blood flow and oxygenation to skin cells. The facial uses vitamins and molecular oxygen to tighten the skin, unblock pores, and detoxify tissues. The multi-talented star swears by Lancer’s skincare products and his oxygen facials. She uses an exfoliating cleanse, nourish cream, moisturizer, and a good polish.

According to Daily Mail, Lancer often prescribes the Lancer Three-Step Method to his celebrity clientele. He will recommend the polish, cleanse, and nourish cream, regardless of how the patient feels about cosmetics. Lancer believes his method differs from traditional skincare because it focuses on the outermost layer of skin rather than the dermis, or lower skin layer.

He also reverses the typical order of skincare and begins with the exfoliation or polish, follows with the cleanse, and finishes off with the nourish. Lancer believes that polishing first will result in a deeper cleanse with a more robust cell renewal and efficient delivery of active ingredients.

Victoria Beckham also uses Dr. Lancer’s SPF and the Lift Serum Intense, which utilizes plant stem cell technology to speed up cellular regeneration. The top-end serum boosts new skin cells and collagen while also protecting new cells from environmental aggravators. Victoria Beckham also shares the products with husband David Beckham.

What are Victoria Beckham’s Beauty Secrets?

Although Victoria Beckham’s favorite skincare serum is quite expensive, the businesswoman also swears by easy healthcare methods that are affordable. For instance, Beckham will drink lots of water and get plenty of rest when she can, while sharing the house with David Beckham and four children, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper.

Beckham also insists that having a good diet is just as important as the health of her skin. In general, the best diet for skincare will include unprocessed foods like dark green or orange vegetables that contain carotenoids, which help repair and maintain the skin. Pumpkin seeds, walnuts, and almonds are also good sources of anti-inflammatory and skin health-benefiting vitamin E and essential fatty acids.

Beckham enjoys lots of vegetables, fruits, and fish while avoiding junk foods. She is also said to eat yellow fin tuna, smoked salmon, sushi salad, and blueberry smoothies. She has also lowered her salt and sugar consumption. In addition, Victoria Beckham has reportedly adopted the concept of eating mostly alkaline food rather than acidic foods. Proponents will avoid acidic foods like coffee, salt, alcohol, and junk food, while eating alkaline vegetables and fruit.

Beckham also works out six to seven days a week. She runs on the treadmill for several minutes daily, or for about five to six miles each day. Getting married to one of the fittest athletes alive in David Beckham has driven her passion for getting in shape. Victoria Beckham is a fan of yoga and practices yoga four times weekly. In particular, she likes Mandy Ingber’s Yogalosophy.

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