Want to Look Like Kelly Ripa?

Busy mom of three and TV star Kelly Ripa has never looked better. The petite 42-year-old is watched by millions of viewers every morning on her hit TV show, Live With Kelly and Michael, so she understands firsthand the need to stay in shape and look perfect. Here’s what you need to know about the Kelly Ripa diet.

Like many other celebrity diets, the Kelly Ripa diet probably sounds familiar: she doesn’t keep much junk food in the house and tries to make sure her family eats healthy fruits and vegetables.

“I try not to bring too much candy in. It’s bad for your teeth and I think it’s addictive. I want my kids to be healthy,” she told NY Daily News. “And if you have a choice between an apple and a candy bar, and you’re 10, you’ll pick the candy bar. So I only try to bring the apples in, you know?”

She’s also a big fan of making healthy, home-cooked meals—something her and husband Mark Consuelos prioritize, as do many other celebrity diets. One of her family’s favorite recipes is “American Flag Salad,” as they call it: feta cheese, blueberries, and watermelon mixed together, with fresh mint on top.

While healthy eating is definitely a priority on the Kelly Ripa diet, exercise is extremely important, too. She says she’d rather exercise than eat right—but considering many trainers say the way you look and feel is often 70–80% diet and 20–30% exercise, eating healthy food can’t be overlooked. Ripa says she tries to exercise every day, and right now, she’s a fan of the AKT INMOTION and SoulCycle exercise programs.

If there’s one thing you need if you want to follow celebrity diets, it’s discipline. Like many busy working moms, she’s up early to take care of her family, plus meet the demands of her job. That’s why exercise is important  when on the Kelly Ripa diet: she says it gives her the energy she needs to stay focused and enthusiastic throughout her day.

After all, for her, looking good isn’t about being thin, but about being strong and energetic. “I’m pretty fit and I’m really strong and that’s more my mantra,” she said. “It’s not about being thin. Thin comes and goes. That’s more of a dieter’s game, and I’m more about exercise, not dieting.”

The Kelly Ripa diet must be working: this busy mom and TV host has never looked younger or better.

Are you a fan of celebrity diets?

Photo Credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com

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