What Is Actress Keira Knightley’s Preparation Like for “Pirates of the Caribbean 5”?

Keira Knightley’s Diet
Robert O'neil/Splash News

If you’re excited to see Keira Knightly in Pirates of the Caribbean 5, you might be slightly disappointed. The Hollywood superstar won’t feature in the film, but she is rumored to make a cameo appearance during the closing credits. So if you’ve been training hard to get a powerful clap and long cheer in for her grand entrance, you might have to wait until POTC 6—but hopefully, endurance will pay off and you can stick it out to the end. Or you could just give those claps to Orlando Bloom.

Staying Away from The Fitness Trends

It’s no secret that most Hollywood beaus and beauties do something to stay in shape. But Keira Knightley’s not about any of that. She’s on record voicing her displeasure for exercise like weightlifting, resistance training, swimming and boxing. And that’s fine. The truth is that exercise isn’t for everyone. And although there are a number of health benefits associated with exercise and activity, plenty of people just don’t have the desire or interest in pounding it out in the gym, pool, spinning class or pool every day.

Diet? No Thank You!

Knightley also doesn’t appear to be overly concerned with her diet, which can be a good thing and a bad thing. She does admit that there is a history of anorexia in her family—it seems as though her grandmother suffered from the condition—but Knightley says that she, herself, does not struggle with anorexia or an eating disorder. She credits her noticeably slender physique to an ultra-fast metabolism and great genetics. Her metabolism and genetics allow her to be more liberal with what she eats, which is of great benefit to her. Anyone who’s ever dieted can relate to how difficult it is!

Feeling Confident

As a Hollywood star, Knightley is constantly exposed to the criticism circled around what’s beautiful. Body image—especially for women—is debated nonstop. They are analyzed, rumors arise, and it’s generally a pretty petty and sad way to judge somebody. But I guess this is just the world we live in. Knightley told Elle magazine that she has moved beyond caring what people think and say about her and has begun to speak out against body shaming and the way women’s bodies are addressed, valued, and accepted in society. Explaining that she was once concerned with pleasing others, since becoming a mother she’s adopted a more positive image of her body and is no longer trying to be something she’s not.

The Dangers of a Fast Metabolism

Although having a fast metabolism like Knightley may make it easier to stay slim or keep off excess weight, it isn’t an excuse to eat poorly or avoid exercise. The same health problems that occur in heavy people from a poor diet and low activity happen to slim people, too, and the idea that slim means healthy is false. People who don’t meet the minimum requirement for activity are more likely to die from heart disease, experience high blood pressure or experience trouble associated with low muscle mass, like osteoporosis. Furthermore, refined sugars and processed foods have the same degenerative effects on organs no matter your weight. So although Knightley may be an inspiration in some regards—her career and stance on women’s rights—you might want to find someone else to look up to for diet and exercise advice!


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