X-Men Apocalypse Star Olivia Munn Adds Almond Milk and Sweet Potato to Her Diet

Olivia Munn
Photo Credit: Splash News

Lately, actress Olivia Munn’s diet regimen has included making her own organic almond milk and eating Japanese sweet potatoes.

The X-Men Apocalypse star used to measure her wellness by tracking tangible goals, e.g., how much weight she lost or if she could fit into a certain pair of jeans. But these days she’s gauging wellness by how she feels.

Of particular interest are the Japanese sweet potatoes. Yuzurihara is a village in Japan with a reputation for having wrinkle-free elderly residents, and these sweet potatoes are grown in abundance there (because rice cannot grow in the area).

It’s believed that this food contributes to the longevity experienced by the people of Yuzurihara. Collagen is responsible for keeping skin tight and looking young; we lose collagen as we age. This sweet potato is high in hyaluronic acid, an important element in producing collagen in the skin. Olivia Munn attributes her increased flexibility to eating these potatoes, and no longer sees wrinkles on her face in the morning after sleeping.

The X-Men Apocalypse star enjoys drinking almond milk because she believes it has helped her feel better and more energetic. She makes organic smoothies with fruit and almond milk, and drinks them every day, because they help her get her daily intake of fruit but also taste like dessert so they help with any sweet cravings. Keeping her diet balanced is important, and that does mean indulging in bad stuff as well. For her, that’s Cheetos.

How Olivia Munn Got in Shape for X-Men

Getting in shape for X-Men Apocalypse was a continuous process, even during shooting. If she wasn’t shooting scenes for the movie, Olivia Munn was at the gym for workouts and trained for six or seven hours a day. Two of those hours were spent on mastering her sword technique for the film’s battle scenes. She spent a lot of time on core work by doing boxing combinations and focused on a lot of deep stretches to get her kicks higher. An easy post-workout snack was one of her organic smoothies made with homemade almond milk, and she also focused on eating more sweet potatoes and brown rice for carbs when she was deep in training mode.

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