Ariel Winter Flaunts Toned Legs in Santa Claus Outfit

Ariel Winter
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Ariel Winter is not just a pretty face, but an awesome planner as well! She can manage things extremely well and this Christmas, the Modern Family star is trying her best to take out time for her beau and family, too. After a festive trip to The Grove in Los Angeles with her family, Winter indulged in a lavish dinner date with her beau, Levi Meaden.

She took to Instagram to share a cute pic of her cuddling up to Meaden, gazing into his eyes while flaunting her toned legs in a Santa outfit. She captioned it, “My Christmas.”

My Christmas ?❤️ #mcm

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Winter’s sister shared a pic as Winter posed with her four young nieces as they met Santa.

#cousins and the best aunt ever ❤??

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Winter has always looked gorgeous and encourages her fans to be body positive. Read on to know more about the beauty’s fitness secrets.

Ariel Winter’s Fitness Secrets

Ariel Winter has put on a brave face towards body shaming. She is conscious of the fact, that unlike other celebrities, she isn’t lean and is content with her curvaceous figure. She believes fitness is not about sporting a slim figure but being strong and healthy. She is keen about living a healthy lifestyle consisting of a balanced diet and regular workouts.

Although she is wrapped up with work, she is excited about workouts and eating healthy. Winter isn’t concerned about shedding pounds or about competing with other celebrities as she is confident in her own skin. She practices portion control and carefully monitors what she puts in her body. She also takes the right vitamins and minerals.

Chicken and fish constitute a large part of her diet, and she has it for lunch and dinner. She takes complex carbohydrates and fiber from whole-grain cereals and wild rice.

She drinks plenty of water (about three liters) throughout the day. It helps her stay hydrated and refreshed. She also believes in the health benefits of garlic, which is known to keep the immune system strong. One thing she loves to have every day is an iced coffee.

Ariel Winter’s personal trainer, Gunnar Peterson, insists his clients to eat clean foods and in as much in their natural state as possible. He also recommends to consume carbs during the day so they can be burned off, and having plenty of fruits and veggies throughout the day.

Ariel Winter’s Secret to a Toned Body

Ariel Winter loves to stay active by exercising and loves to do cardio. She used to go hiking in the Hollywood Hills with her ex-boyfriend, Laurent Gaudette. Now that they have parted ways, Winter still hikes solo. She sticks to the workout regimen designed by her the celebrity trainer, Peterson.

She does a lot of strength training, weight lifting, sculpting, toning, and cardio workouts. She also does a lot of lunges and squats, both which help shape and her firm backside. She has no qualms showing it off in many photos she posts on social media. For example, this one she recently posted on Instagram.


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Ariel Winter believes exercising is not only physical but mental, too. In many instances, she has shared positive posts about loving one’s body in social media and is a positive role model for young girls.



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