Armie Hammer Adds Asparagus to his Diet to Control Cholesterol Levels

Armie Hammer
Credit: John Phillips / Stringer

Armie Hammer may have heavily indulged in Christmas treats over the holidays. Could that be the reason for his recent visit to the doctor? The actor Instagrammed a pic of bacon-wrapped asparagus after his doctor advised him to control his cholesterol levels.

My doctor told me to watch my cholesterol so I added asparagus to my bacon.

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Apart from the nutrient-rich antioxidant, we can also see a huge greasy slab of butter! Well, we know our favorite star is eating healthy and even recommends the same to his fans; the greasy piece can be overlooked.

He then shared a tempting pic after heavily charring the steak, grilling the asparagus, and steaming the artichoke in bison broth.

He captions,“Heavily charred the steak (medium rare), grilled asparagus, steamed the artichoke in bison broth and then finished on the grill for a char… and a petite filet cooked rare plus for the wife.”

Armie Hammer’s Low Cholesterol Diet

Armie Hammer is very conscious about his intake and he consumes nutrient-dense foods. His diet is comprised of lean protein as well as healthy fats and includes cholesterol lowering foods like asparagus, oats, beans, nuts, whole grains, and fruits like apples, grapes, strawberries, citrus fruits.

He eats a wholesome breakfast of eggs, bread, or cereal. His lunch is very fulfilling and comprised of lean proteins like chicken or fish, and fibrous fruits and vegetables. Proteins also constitute a large part of his dinner, but, at times, he opts for pasta or sandwich.

He has discovered an awesome option to curb his hunger in-between meals. He has fruits and veggie shakes to boost him up for the tiring day and keep him full. He also snacks on nuts, yogurt, fruits, and some bread.

Saturated fats and whole-fat dairy products increase the cholesterol levels, so Hammer keeps away from such foods.

Once a week, he has a cheat day during which he treats himself to pizza, burgers, and fries. Hammer is conscious about the nutrient-deficit cheat foods and adheres to moderation.

How Armie Hammer Stays Fit?

Armie Hammer works out five times per week, and his workouts include high-intensity and explosive movements with little rest. He mostly works on strength and uses his abs in a lot of the exercises to help slow down movements.

“He loves training, especially doing fighting and jujitsu. He likes to do the same kind of strength-training workout that all my fighters do,” Hammer’s trainer Jordan Feramisco told People. Feramisco added that the actor does medicine ball slams and works with medium weights so that he can move the weights fast and keep his muscles toned.

Even if he is not working in preparation for any role, Hammer tries to stay active by constantly moving around.

Because every day is Boxing Day ??

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He loves boxing and can be seen passionately engaged in the sport at the pool side in the above video. He captioned the post, “Because every day is Boxing Day.”

With such dedication and a controlled diet, we are sure the actor can lower his cholesterol levels soon.

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