Boxer Anthony Joshua’s World Title Preparation Includes Intense Workout and Healthy Diet

Anthony Joshua
Photo credit: Richard Heathcote / Staff / Getty

Anthony Joshua is going to be fighting to defend his IBF World Heavyweight title on December 10th and is preparing to get into his best physical condition. He has held the IBF heavyweight title since April 2016; he’s won both a gold medal at the Olympics and a world title by a major professional sanctioning body.

Anthony Joshua warmed up for the defense of his IBF World Heavyweight title with a surprise gym workout at a Pure Gym branch in Boreham Wood. He made the people do several bodyweight exercises. He was happy that people from all over UK joined him for the training session. Let’s look into his intense workout regimen.

Anthony Joshua’s Workout Regimen

Men’s Health caught up with Joshua to get the secrets behind his husky body. He incorporates body weight training and weights into his workout regimen, but prefers body weight training. It helps him work on cardio with explosive jumps, and he mentions that boxing is also a good cardio-related workout. If he is doing weights, he likes to do legs, lots of squats and pushups.

He recently Instagrammed a workout video for his admirers. The video depicts his immense strength and dedication to working out.

Time to up the MPH ⛽️

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He does a lot of core and rotational movements to generate power and transfers it to his boxing. Shadow boxing in the sand helps him condition his legs because sand is an unstable surface. He likes to train in an altitude center, which is different than training in the gym. It has a greater impact than gym workouts and he wishes to incorporate it into his cardio.

His day starts early in the morning, He starts with cardio sessions like biking, swimming, or running for 40 minutes—then he hits the strength and conditioning center. He works out there for two hours, and then after relaxing a bit he is back to the toughest part: boxing.

Joshua recommends his fans maintain consistency in their workouts. Working out for some months will help you improve your stamina and physique, but it will not give you a bodybuilder look.

Anthony Joshua’s Diet

Joshua is not very disciplined when it comes to scheduled eating. He eats whenever he’s hungry. His protein sources include meats like chicken and fish. He also eats a lot of spinach, broccoli, rice, and potatoes. He ensures that he consumes a lot of clean food.

He shared a pic on Instagram of himself eating healthy. His healthy diet includes fresh fruits like avocados, apples, oranges, and veggies.

Never underestimate the power of good nutrition! @eq_nutrition?

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He keeps himself hydrated by drinking tons of water. It also flushes away the toxins from his body. We wish him luck on his upcoming world title.

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