Ring in Christmas 2016 Holidays with Festive Food and Enjoy a Healthy Christmas!

Healthy Christmas

How to eat healthy at Christmas one of the most daunting questions most people face during the holiday season. With delicious roast turkey, potatoes in every form, endless plates of buttered rice and warm bread and of course, a selection of the choicest cakes and desserts, as well as alcohol, it becomes nothing but impossible to have a healthy Christmas!

Christmas 2016 Holidays Diet Plan

For a healthy, filling breakfast, start your day with soaked oats or simple porridge dressing it up with dried fruits like almonds or walnuts and cranberries for a healthy sweetness. You can also swirl in a dollop of probiotic yogurt which helps boost immunity and controls your cravings. Alternatively, you can add blueberry compote, bananas or fresh berries.

It is essential to stay hydrated during the season. Ensure you drink six to eight glasses of water. You can also replace plain water with unsweetened juices or herbal teas. Consume tea or coffee maybe once a day, as it is best to keep caffeinated drinks to a minimum.

Also, keep an eye on you alcohol intake since it can lead to severe dehydration the next day. Stay away from sweetened cocktails and fancy drinks. Have a glass of plain water in between each drink to clear your head and keep the calorie count low.

If you attend parties and events frequently, ensure you keep away from the buffet to avoid over-indulging. Opt for a dessert plate filled with fruits and salad, allowing little room for the main course. Choose lean meats, wraps and skewers as they are healthier options.

As a healthy snack option choose plain yogurt, sliced bananas, muesli with milk or nut butter on wholegrain toast. A bowl of light soup or a sandwich will also keep you full until mealtime. A handful of nuts are also great for a healthy snack.

Ensure you do not wake up with a bad hangover by sticking to light-colored drinks, generally mixed with water or juices to tone down the alcohol content. For a post-hangover meal, a vegetable packed omelette or frittata works best. Wash it down with a glass of fresh fruit juice or smoothie to replenish your lost energy.

For Christmas celebrations at your workplace, keep away from minced pies, chocolates and calorie-laden desserts. Ensure you eat ample servings of healthy vegetables to fill you up. Consume only the poultry meat and avoid the skin as most of the fat is trapped there.

Lastly, for Christmas “must-haves” like potatoes, ensure you bake or dry roast them instead of drenching them in fat. Use vegetable stock instead of meat stock and serve boiled veggies instead of coating them in butter.

Holiday Season Fitness Routine

Ensure you go for a brisk walk every morning or evening. This not only sheds off excess weight but also gives a good mental boost. Since there are no rushed mornings, deadlines to meet or meetings to attend if you are on vacation, take the morning time to catch up on your sleep. This helps to boost your energy and promotes better sleep quality.

Resort to easy workouts and exercises at least every other day to keep fit.



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