Detroit Tigers Pitcher Justin Verlander, Kate Upton’s Fiancé, Shares Off-Season Workout

Kate Upton and Justin Verlander
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Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander, who is also known for being Kate Upton’s fiancé, is sharing details of the workout he uses in the offseason to keep in shape.

Justin Verlander recently uploaded a picture of himself in his Detroit Tiger gear to Instagram, with the caption, “Less than a month to go,” referencing the upcoming playoffs.

With the Detroit Tigers poised to compete in the playoffs, Verlander has been a force on the pitching mound, striking out players and leading his team to many wins.

How does Verlander manage to perform so well on the baseball diamond? According to the pitcher, he trains extra hard in the offseason to ensure that he’s performing well throughout the entire MLB season.

Less than a month to go. #stayfocused #playoffrace #gotigers

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Verlander’s offseason workout and preparation help get him into top physical shape for the baseball season.

The Justin Verlander Workout

During the offseason, Justin Verlander uses intense workouts to stay in shape. He has shared some of the details of his workout regimen, revealing what types of exercises he uses to improve his athletic ability and pitching skills.

For Verlander, exercise in the offseason is a huge commitment. He works out five days a week, completing two-hour sessions on each day. His workout regimen includes a variety of exercises, switching between different workouts on each day.

Verlander does cardio, resistance training, weightlifting, agility exercises, and baseball exercises. This multifaceted approach to his training ensures that Verlander is in very good overall shape and can focus on the specific areas that help him in the game.

Had a great day in downtown #detroit this afternoon. And a great night with the #tigers W! #goodday

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One of the areas that Verlander focuses on is his throw, which is crucial as a pitcher. As well, he uses circuit training to improve his overall cardiovascular health, giving him more stamina and endurance for lengthy baseball games.

Verlander also spends a lot of time working on his lower body. In fact, for a pitcher, strong lower legs can be important for endurance, which is why Verlander focuses almost exclusively on developing his lower body.

He says that the only weightlifting he does for his upper body is for his shoulders, with all of his other lifting exercises focusing on his legs.

Verlander uses squats, leg presses, and lunges, as well as other leg weight workouts. According to former Detroit Tigers’ manager Jim Leyland, Verlander’s legs are so strong that he can throw 120 to 130 pitches a game, which is quite unusual for the sport.

Verlander’s offseason workout is geared towards bulking up and putting on muscle so that he has the endurance and strength to play throughout the entire baseball season. As such, Verlander is able to perform exceptionally well even towards the end of the season, when other pitchers may be beginning to falter.

Justin Verlander’s Hobbies

While Justin Verlander follows a strict five-day workout routine, the athlete also makes time for exercise through other sports and hobbies.

Along with baseball exercises, Verlander enjoys playing another sport to increase his level of fitness. That sport? Golf!

Verlander is an avid fan and plays golf frequently in the offseason. For Verlander, golf is more than a hobby. He has competed in tournaments and calls himself a “semi-pro golfer.” During the offseason, Verlander says that he plays golf almost every single day. Not only is the game fun for him, but it also can also help improve his precision.

So if you want to improve your overall fitness like Justin Verlander, remember to have fun with your workouts and don’t neglect your legs.