Emma Roberts, Evan Peters’ Girlfriend, Follows Healthy Lifestyle: Scream Queens Star Eats Organic Food after Workout

Emma Roberts, Evan Peters' Girlfriend, Follows Healthy Lifestyle, Scream Queens Star Eats Organic Food after Workout
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Who doesn’t wish to have a beautiful, slender girlfriend like Scream Queens star Emma Roberts? Her love for organic food and working out has definitely helped her to maintain a healthy relationship with boyfriend Evan Peters. If you want to be like Roberts, take a look at her workout and diet.

Emma Roberts Workout

Thanks to her genetics, Roberts is slim and does not need to exercise to stay thin, but she continues to work out to feel good.

Roberts opts for exercises that she can manage with her busy schedule. “My favorite workout is eating pizza…No!” Roberts joked with E! News. “My favorite workout is definitely Pilates. That’s kind of the only thing I’ve tried and stuck with.”

Pilates is her favorite workout and she does it regularly. When she’s not working, she tries to do Pilates three to four times a week, and during shoots she opts for once a week. She loves workouts that relax her mind, like yoga. It helps her sleep soundly and keeps her anxiety-free. She heads to Reyn Studios in New Orleans for yoga.

Roberts is not a couch potato—she moves around all the time and loves physical activities. She is a big fan of cardio, and walking is the simplest exercise that she does regularly. She also loves to ride her bike.

When she hits the gym, she does weightlifting to tone her body, but she does it carefully so as to not hurt herself. Her other gym workouts include jumping on the trampoline and playing games. Basheerah Ahmad, founder of fitness consulting firm 360 Transformation, says using a trampoline provides an amazing workout, burns a lot of calories, and is fun.

Roberts recently Instagrammed a video for her fans showing the correct way to do a side plank, which strengthen the abdominal muscles, upper body muscles like the biceps and shoulders, lower back muscles, and lower body muscles like the glutes and thighs.

Side plank Saturday ?@andreaorbeck

A video posted by Emma Roberts (@emmaroberts) on

Emma Roberts Diet

Though Roberts does not stick to a diet plan, she ensures she eats healthy and clean food. The American Horror Story star credits her slender figure to her love for organic food. Organic foods are full of natural vitamins, minerals, and other essential elements for the body that prevent her from getting sick.

She eats healthy food most of the time, but she cannot keep away from desserts. She likes to eat Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Swedish Fish. She is not into dieting of any sort but eats junk food in moderation.

To flush out the toxins from her body and suppress the junk food cravings, she drinks lots of water. The secret to her glowing skin, which she revealed to E! News, is coconut water. It is loaded with nutrients, such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, and phosphorus.

She said, “I feel my most beautiful probably just when I am laughing and having fun with my friends and kind of not caring what I look like.”

After a week of organic eating, she treats herself to pizza and sweets on weekends. She loves eating her pizza crust dipped in ranch dressing.



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