Food Poisoning after Christmas Day: Here are some Natural Remedies

Food Poisoning after Christmas Day: Here are some Natural Remedies
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Christmas 2016 was a blast. You ate, and sang, and ate, and danced, and oh yeah, ate some more. Everything was great until it hit you after Christmas Day: food poisoning. Now you’re sweating and miserable and wishing it would all go away. Never fear! We’ve got some great natural remedies to get you feeling your old self again even faster.


One of the best parts about this time of year is enjoying all of the delicious Christmas food. Co-workers bake cookies, friends create cute treats, and Christmas dinner is always a meal to remember. Unfortunately for you, this year it was a little too memorable, and not in a good way. You’re stuck dealing with the unfortunate symptoms in the aftermath, leaving you begging for mercy and just a bit of relief. While the majority of food poisoning cases don’t require medications like antibiotics, there are some things you can take to ease your symptoms and get you back on your feet.

First on the list is ginger. The root of the plant is great for helping to settle your stomach, and there are many ways to ingest it easily. Ginger tea is great for food poisoning, as it combines water with the plant to not only ease any stomach discomfort, but also keep you hydrated.

Apple cider vinegar is next. While swallowing a spoonful of the stuff doesn’t seem all that appetizing, apple cider vinegar creates an alkaline effect in the body and can even kill some of the bacteria causing you discomfort. Drinking two or three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar is said to provide some relief almost instantly.

Lemons are also great for easing the symptoms of food poisoning. The acidity of lemon coupled with its antibacterial qualities can aid in killing the nasty symptom causing bacteria. A great way to benefit from these properties is to mix warm water and fresh lemon juice. This drink aids in digestion and flushes your system while helping to keep you hydrated.

Garlic is another natural remedy to help soothe symptoms and fight food poisoning. It is known for having anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties, making it a great choice to fend off the bacteria that’s causing you discomfort.  The best way to ingest it is by eating one clove, or swallowing it with water like a big pill. Alternatively, you can also try garlic juice but fair warning, it’s quite potent.

If you’re stricken down with food poisoning after your holiday celebrations, why not give one of these natural remedies a try? Most of them can be easily found in your kitchen and are inexpensive alternative to traditional medicines. Above all else, the most important thing when dealing with food poisoning is hydration, so be sure to drink lots of water with whatever remedy you choose.


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