Hailey Baldwin Flaunts Stunning Abs in Bikini: Model Follows Strict Diet to Stay Fit

Hailey Baldwin
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Stunning supermodel, Hailey Baldwin, is in the Bahamas flaunting her well-toned abs and super fit bikini body. She’s not on a tropical vacation, but on work. Baldwin is working with fellow Victoria’s Secret models, Alessandra Ambrosio, Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, Elsa Hosk, Paulina Vega, Lais Ribeiro, Rose Bertram, Gizele Oliveira, and Hannah Ferguson.

She took to Instagram and posted this pic and captioned it, “work is tough.”

work is tough ?

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The models seem to be having a fun time working together. What’s the project? Is it some secret project? This post by Baldwin on Instagram, may look like an abstract, but it reveals the project that the supermodel is working on.

The caption says it all, “so excited to announce #fyrefestival! Join me in the Bahamas @fyrefestival www.fyrefestival.com.”

Meanwhile, Baldwin is treating her 8,600,000 Instagram fans with her stunning photos. For example, this black and white post which shows her super fit body.

?? shot by @adamfranzino

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The upcoming Coachella-style Fyre Festival is expected to take place over two separate weekends next spring. It includes an immersive treasure hunt, bringing together the greatest minds in music, art, and cuisine. The festival is expected to take place on Fyre Cay, in the Exumas (a string of islands in the Bahamas).

As poet, Rumi said, “Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.” Fans will surely be excited about the extravaganza at the upcoming Fyre Festival.

Baldwin who has an enviable fit body is a fitness inspiration to many of her fans. How does she maintain her super fit body? What are her workout and diet regimens? Keep reading to find out more about her fitness regimen.

Hailey Baldwin’s Workout Routine

Hailey Baldwin follows a dedicated workout regimen. Her workout routine includes Pilates, yoga, and barre. She said, “I used to be a ballet dancer, so I enjoy those types of workouts.”

The supermodel is often spotted leaving yoga classes or hiking with fellow model, Kendall Jenner, in Los Angeles. Baldwin and Jenner are often spotted stepping out of Y7 Studio in Los Angeles. Going for work outs with a fitness buddy helps to stay motivated, and it is a great way of not skipping workout regimens.

The 20-year-old star indulges in hip-hop yoga, which is performing classic yoga moves to your favorite music with up-tempo beats. This style of yoga is quite popular with many fitness enthusiasts and celebrities.

She also includes workouts on the Bosu ball. She posted this video which is captioned, “balance work.” Exercising on the Bosu ball is perfect for balance training. Fitness experts believe that it enhances the mind and body connection.

balance work @kirkmyersfitness ?

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Hailey Baldwin’s Diet Plan

Hailey Baldwin likes to stick to a clean diet with minimal gluten and sugar. She admits that pizza and fast food do not make it into her daily plan. She said, “ … I do eat really healthy. A lot of vegetables and fish, not much meat, minimal dairy. I just feel better when I eat that way.”

She starts her day with a healthy protein shake or a smoothie, and eggs or oatmeal. She said, “Lunch is usually salad, fish, grilled veggies, or maybe a sandwich.” She added, “I don’t really eat a lot of gluten so i’m trying to be particular. I love a good kale Caesar salad [but with] no croutons. That’s usually one thing I leave out.” For dinner she usually has vegetables and protein, and sometimes some gluten-free pasta.

She could occasionally indulge in a metabolic cleanse. This means that she would have a protein shake a few times a day and have a super-strict diet. Just like everyone else, she does have the occasional cheat day.

So, what does her cheat day look like? She said, “A cheeseburger and fries.” Baldwin also likes to cook occasionally, and she posted this photo in which she is making some penne alfredo.

Memorial Day penne alfredo by yours truly

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Fans are surely excited about the upcoming Fyre Festival. To follow the updates on the festival, look out for #fyrefestival on Twitter and Instagram.

Meanwhile, Hailey Baldwin and her fellow models are having a fun time working together in the Bahamas. If you wish to have a super fit body, try adopting Baldwin’s healthy lifestyle.



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