Jake Gyllenhaal, Nocturnal Animals Star, Follows SoulCycle Workout & Healthy Diet for Upcoming Movie Stronger

Jake Gyllenhaal, Nocturnal Animals Star,
Credit: Mike Windle/Getty

Stunning and ripped Nocturnal Animals star Jake Gyllenhaal is inspiring. Gyllenhaal makes an awesome poster boy for SoulCycle. His grueling SoulCycle workouts and healthy diet are getting a lot of attention. There is a lot of talk about his prep sessions for the upcoming drama Stronger, which is slated to be released in 2017. Achieving a stunning ripped muscular body takes a lot of effort. Here is how Gyllenhaal achieved his perfect ripped body.

Jake Gyllenhaals SoulCycle Workouts

The Stronger star Gyllenhaal is serious about workouts. This is obvious by his ripped looks in Southpaw and the Prince of Persia.

Gyllenhaal enjoys SoulCycling. It is one of the hottest fitness trends, providing a safe space to sweat it out. The indoor cycling class is a bit of a fitness journey. It involves exercising on the SoulCycle bike with the instructor motivating you. The actor’s current workout regimen includes early morning SoulCyling. He is quite often spotted by fellow cyclers. It is even said that he has been dating a SoulCycle buddy. But this is not all. There’s more to Gyllenhaal’s workout regimen.

Jake Gyllenhaals Workout Routine


An outdoor cardio workout is important for increasing stamina. The increased stamina, in turn, helps with muscle building. A 90-minute cardio session can do wonders with your muscles. Proof of this is Gyllenhaal’s ripped muscles in Prince of Persia.


High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) involves extreme exercises in a short span of time. This is followed by small rest periods. Many celebrities take up HIIT as part of their fitness regimes. Gyllenhaal often took an uphill sprint followed by abs exercises and stretching.


Parkour workouts can be exciting. A fun outdoor workout is a part of Gyllenhaal’s workout routine. A cardio workout before the parkour training sessions could help increase agility.

Muscle Building

Gyllenhaal not only focuses on agility and speed, but also on building muscles. This involves training with resistance cables. It also includes push-ups, pull-ups, stretching, and exercises for abs.

Jake Gyllenhaals Diet Plan

Gyllenhaal’s gruelling gym sessions are complemented by a healthy diet. His day is said to begin with a snack before workouts. This could include having a banana, some dry fruits, and a refreshing cup of espresso.

The Stronger star is a breakfast believer. After a workout he believes in having a breakfast to restore energy levels. This could include having a protein shake and an omelette. The light lunch is nutritious and helps in building muscles. Having a baked potato, tuna, and a salad also helps. A healthy soup can also be included. Supplements rich in omega-3, 6, and 9 fatty acids are beneficial as well. Gyllenhaal believes that some foods should be avoided, like foods with refined sugar. Drinking water is a basic elementthat must be adhered to.

Gyllenhaal’s fitness journey goes beyond SoulCycling. The actor believes in grueling workout sessions. He also believes in a nutritious diet. Sculpting a body is not easy, but it is worth the stud looks.


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