Kate Hudson Talks Fitness, Healthy Living and Being Fashion Targets Breast Cancer Ambassador

Kate Hudson
Photo credit: Jackson Lee / Splash News

Forgiveness is a powerful tool, especially when you want your heart to be at peace. This is what Kate Hudson, the ambassador for Fashion Targets Breast Cancer, realized.

She admitted not speaking to her father for many years on Sirus XM’s The Howard Stern Show. She said “It is the greatest tool to be able to separate that attachment. So for me, I recognize whatever those issues are is something he has to live with. That must be painful for him, and I forgive him.”

She definitely has a healthy mind and heart! Let’s take a look into her healthy lifestyle and fitness routine.

Kate Hudson’s Workout Routine

We all know what it takes to get that toned body like Hudson—an immense number of workouts! But if hitting the gym if difficult, you can follow some exciting exercises like Hudson to keep in shape.

Hudson does a variety of exercises, from yoga to SoulCycle spin classes. She trains with Nicole Stuart for Pilates, three to five times a week. Stuart also trains her mom, and Hudson has been consistently training with her for the past 15 years. Pilates works on the core muscles, especially the abs.

She not only concentrates on her abs, but works on all of her muscles with cardio, biking and hiking, and strength training. Her cardio exercises last for 45–60 minutes a session. Hudson is also fond of dancing, which has all the advantages of cardio and strength training.

Kate Hudson’s Diet

Hudson abides by an alkaline diet plan. High acidity welcomes diseases and illness, and the alkaline diet plan helps balance the high acidity levels in the body. As the name suggests, the diet makes the body alkaline.

The diet requires consumption of fresh veggies and cutting out meat, eggs, dairy, junk and processed foods, eggs, caffeine, and alcohol. Hudson admits being highly addicted to caffeine, and does not stick to the diet when she is dining out. But she ensures she follows it the rest of the time.

Starving or crash diet plans are never on her mind, but she detoxifies herself by doing a liquid diet once or twice a year. She also minimizes her intake of sugar and carbs.

Hudson consumes around 1,500 to 1,800 calories a day: 80% of the calories come from tofu, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. She loves food and has a healthy diet, but ensures she does not deprive herself of her favorites.

Her daily diet includes protein rich food from sources like chicken, yogurt, eggs, and fish. Her breakfast is comprised of an avocado, egg whites, salsa, and mixed berries. Lunch includes chicken breast, mashed sweet potatoes, and hummus. Dinner is often salmon with steamed vegetables. She also loves yogurt and has it once or twice a day.


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