Kate Upton’s Wedding Prep to Justin Verlander Includes Heavy Workouts—But She Still Enjoys a Drink on Occasion

Photo Credit: Jackson Lee / Splash News
Kate Upton

Photo Credit: Jackson Lee / Splash News

Supermodel and actress Kate Upton is continuing her preparations for her upcoming wedding to Detroit Tigers starting pitcher Justin Verlander.

The 24-year-old blonde beauty keeps her body in shape with a disciplined diet and workout regimen, but still sometimes enjoys a glass of wine or some tequila.

Upton has an intense and consistent strength-training routine with trainer Ben Bruno. According to her trainer, she works out for one to two hours, five times a week. The workout focuses more on strength training using lunges, hip thrusts, crawls, and weight lifting. It has also helped Kate Upton’s weight loss.

Kate Upton Limits Sugar in Her Pre-Wedding Diet

Upton’s diet also limits sugar intake. Putting limitations on sugar is always a good thing. Sugar is found in everything these days, including processed baked goods, chocolate, candy, breakfast cereals, and even in foods you wouldn’t expect because they’re savory, such as condiments like ketchup and honey mustard. Over consumption of sugar can not only lead to weight gain, but also a variety of other health problems such as high blood pressure, headaches, depression, fatigue, nervousness, sugar addiction, high cholesterol or triglycerides in blood, gallstones, kidney stones, gout, recurring infections, or yeast infections such as Candida.

Her diet is also intense and healthy, focusing on protein, vegetables, and fruit. One of her favorite meals is turkey meatballs and chicken salad. Some of her meals include quinoa with grilled vegetables, kale salad with grilled salmon, herb-crusted grilled chicken, and scrambled eggs with chicken.

There is definitely no sugar on that menu. One thing you can do if you’re having a hard time staying away from sweets is to use sugar substitutes. Try replacing sugar with stevia leaf powder or coconut sugar. And as intense as her diet can get, she knows that she can cut loose once in a while and enjoy some wine or a Tequila Tuesday. Balance is important, and it’s a wise move to take care of cravings once in a while to avoid bingeing.

There’s no doubt that through her intense workouts and dedication to diet (despite the occasional alcoholic indulgence through tequila or wine) Kate Upton will be in great shape for her upcoming wedding to Justin Verlander. If you’re looking to improve your lifestyle and get healthy, perhaps try turning to them as role models.

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