Kit Harington, aka Jon Snow’s Masculine Look for Game of Thrones Season 7, Credits Strength Training Workouts

Kit Harington
Photo Credit: Rob Kim / Stringer/ Getty

Kit Harington, aka Jon Snow, looks masculine in his Game of Thrones costume. The star credits strength training workouts for his incredible look.

GoT Season 7 will premiere in mid-2017. Let’s take a peek into Kit Harington’s diet and workout routine, which helped him get his six pack abs.

Harington’s Diet

Harington believes dieting is more important than exercise, so he makes sure his diet is on point. He followed a bizarre diet for Game Of Thrones. He initially had to consume a lot of food in order to gain weight. Then he had to shed the weight by weight training and doing intense workouts. For the first five weeks, he consumed a calorie rich diet that made him gain 10 kgs. Then, to get a ripped shape, he worked out rigorously for three weeks. He adopted two extreme diet plans, which is not recommended unless under the supervision of a nutrition expert.

To supply his body with the energy required for the intense workouts, he consumed a balanced diet of 45% carbs, 33% protein, and 20% fat. He also consumed casein protein, magnesium glycinate, and fish oils on a daily basis.

Harington knows the importance of cheat days. Dieting is not a burden when you know there is a cheat day coming up.

Kit Harington’s Games Of Thrones Workout

Trainer Dalton Wong concentrated on exercises that were similar to on-set actions.

He insisted Harington do full-body movements like cable routines. He also made sure Harington did strength-training workouts to work on the largest muscle groups like the back, glutes, and legs. He practiced lateral lunges, deadlifts, and upper body push and pull movements for an hour, which was more intense than cardio.

You can try the following set of workouts to get a body like Harington. Use a heavy set of dumbbells that are between 20 and 30 pounds. Do four rounds of the following four exercises with a rest for one minute after each round.

Weighted Push-Up Rows

Lie in plank position with a dumbbell in one hand. Bend the elbows back and lower the chest close to the floor. Then press back up, locking elbows at the top. While in the same plank position, row your left hand up to your left ribs, elbow back and tight to the body. Lower the weight, and repeat on the right side.

Kneeling Curl and Press

Kneel down with arms straight at sides and weight in each hand. The palms should face out and then curl weights to shoulders, then turn palms in to press the weights overhead. Lower the dumbbells back to start and repeat for a minute.

Lateral Dumbbell Lunge

Hold dumbbells at sides while in standing position and then lunge laterally to your right putting 80 percent of your weight in your right heel. Press through your front foot to return back to start. Repeat with the left side.

Pendulum Lunge

Hold dumbbells at side and take a big step backward with right foot and lower right knee to floor. With weight in the left heel, take a big step forward with right leg. Bend your left knee so it just hovers above floor. Repeat with the left leg.

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