Lady Gaga Weight Loss: Strict Diet and Workout Routine Keeps Her Skinny

Photo Credit: Splash News
Lady Gaga Weight Loss

Photo Credit: Splash News

Lady Gaga is known as much for her groundbreaking music as for her outrageous sense of fashion, but the singer uses a regular old-fashioned weight loss diet to stay in shape.

Lady Gaga likes to model new and innovative styles at concerts and on red carpets, which is why she uses a diet and workout routine to keep her figure.

Gaga works out five times per week, doing at least a 25-minute session each day. She focuses on workouts that target her abs and butt.

In particular, Gaga uses crunches and reverse crunches to work her abs and keep her stomach flat. She also uses yoga for its physical and mental benefits.

For Gaga, diet is also an important part of her weight-loss routine. Gaga follows something called the 5 Factor Diet. With the 5 Factor Diet, Gaga eats five times per day, usually broken down into two meals and three light snacks. This helps limit the amount she eats and prevents binging.

However, the 5 Factor Diet does more than just restrict the amount of food she can eat, it also restricts what kind of foods she can eat. On the 5 Factor Diet, Gaga can only eat healthy types of foods from five categories, focusing on healthy fats, fiber, low-glycemic carbohydrates, protein, and sugarless drinks.

This means that the 5 Factor Diet avoids unhealthy foods, including processed meals, fried foods, foods high in saturated fat (butter, ice cream, desserts), simple carbohydrates (white bread, white rice), and sugary treats.

On the diet, Gaga doesn’t eat bread or baked goods. Instead, she primarily munches on vegetables and fish. She also eats lean protein sources of meat such as turkey, and enjoys fruit for breakfast. While she doesn’t eat bread, Gaga does have some wheat products, like pancakes, but she always uses whole grains.

While the diet allows for a lot of tasty and delicious foods, Gaga allows herself a cheat day on Sundays, when she often eats pasta. Using a cheat day makes it easier to follow the diet the other six days of the week. So if you’re looking for the right weight loss diet, consider using Lady Gaga’s approach!


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