MasterChef Australia: Winner Elena Duggan’s Spring Dishes vs. Matt Sinclair’s Indian style

Elena Duggan
Photo credit: Instagram @elena_jo_duggan

MasterChef Australia winner Elena Duggan offered up some of her favorite spring dishes, and runner up Matt Sinclair is serving up Indian food that you can enjoy without cutlery.

In Australia, they are actually heading into their spring season, and after a very wet winter, Australians are finally rejoicing over the nicer weather. Duggan’s spring dishes are sure to be a hit this year.

Spring food is colorful and enticing, but if you don’t have a recipe to follow, you may get fed up and end up opting for something unhealthy. Duggan noted that she feels inspired by the changing seasons; not only do they offer inspiration for some of her favorite dishes, but shopping seasonally is easier on the budget as well.

Duggan’s Spring Dishes

To start, Duggan suggests opting for lighter foods that may not have been available during the winter. These dishes aren’t just healthier, but they are more convenient to make as the ingredients are readily available.

Secondly, Duggan suggests making a plan and being prepared. Store prepared ingredients in plastic containers for easy use.

Some of Duggan’s favorite spring foods and ingredients include asparagus, beetroot, Brussels sprouts, leeks, cauliflower, fennel, peas and beans, lamb, crab, and oranges.

Need a simple recipe? Here’s how Duggan enjoys her Brussels sprouts.

You will need anchovies, dry capers, mint leaves, baby green peas, and plenty of olive oil. To create this dish, heat up the anchovies in olive oil until fragrant. Add in the capers until they open up and toss in shredded sprouts along with the peas.

Allow the vegetables to soften and brown without stirring. Toss in together with the mint leaves and lime juice prior to serving and viola! A super-easy take on Brussels sprouts.

Matt Sinclair Prepares Indian Food without Cutlery

Matt Sinclair was inspired by his time in India, and as a result has opened a food truck where he prepares Asian and Indian-style food without any cutlery.

The food truck, which can be found in Brisbane, Australia, not only serves up food prepared by hand, but the final product is also intended to be eaten with your hands.

Although many MasterChef finalists tend to travel the world or open large-scale restaurants, Sinclair chose to take a different path and bring his food to the masses through a food truck. He wanted Australians to experience the powerful taste of Indian cuisine.

Whether you get inspired by cooking tips from Elena Duggan, or try something different with Matt Sinclair, the important take away is that food should not only provide you with sustenance, but should be fun as well.

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