Model and Actress Diane Kruger Follows Healthy Diet and Workout Routine to Stay Fit

Photo credit: Derek Storm / Splash News
Diane Kruger

Photo credit: Derek Storm / Splash News

Former model and actress Diane Kruger is forever one of our beauty icons, and she is often seen flaunting her enviable physique.

Kruger recently turned 40, and her wellness and beauty regime deserves applause. She upgraded to healthy foods from processed and fried foods and has designed a fabulous workout routine all by herself.

Being overloaded with work, the blue-eyed beauty has many a times skipped her meals. As a result, she shed some pounds and looked quite skinny. But now she practices healthy eating and opts for a low-calorie and high-protein diet.

“The worst for skin is fried foods. I immediately break out,” she recently told The New Potato. She also stays away from over-processed foods. She admits that cheese, wine, and butter are her biggest weaknesses and says it’s difficult giving them up.

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Her ideal breakfast includes avocado, poached eggs on multi-grain bread, and a cup of coffee. For lunch, she likes salmon with rice. Her dinner preference is chicken or veal with veggies and red wine.

For snacks in between meals, she opts for nuts and fruit.

When asked how she practices beauty from the inside out, the Inglourious Basterds star told the online magazine she works out “a lot.”

“I kind of got into it recently…just the gym or hiking, maybe four to five times a week. I try to eat organic, but I’m not obsessive about food,” she said.

Kruger’s Workout Routine

Despite being constantly occupied, she invests time in exercise and is keen on being toned and in shape rather than skinny.

Kruger enjoys activities like hiking and cycling and says that they keep her energetic throughout the day. Although she does not follow a workout plan (or hire a personal trainer) to stay in shape, she engages herself in some of her favorite workouts like cardio, weight lifting, and squats.

A former model, an actress, and a make-up artist, too? Yes, she’s never hired any professional for that gorgeous look, but does it herself. She opts for minimal make-up and a bright red lipstick.

Diane Kruger’s Health and Beauty Tips

If Kruger could give you any advice, it would be:

  • Use soft make-up to make your features pop and enhance your natural beauty
  • Get a good night’s sleep; at least nine hours daily
  • Cleanse your face thoroughly to avoid clogged pores
  • Apply sunscreen to avoid getting blemishes caused by sun exposure
  • Remove your make-up before going to bed

And as for people wishing to look healthier: “Eat organic, cook for yourself, because I feel like when you make food for yourself, there’s sort of a satisfactory thing about making good food that’s actually good for you. Don’t deprive yourself of anything but eat in moderation,” she told The Coveteur last October.