National Drink Wine Day 2017: 15 Amazing Wine Facts

Valentine's Day Wine

Wine has a long, rich heritage. From filling up the grail of gods and kings from yore, to being the life of contemporary upscale parties, wine has seen and survived the times. Its popularity has recently caught up on social media sites with #NationalDrinkWineDay tailgating most social media posts. National Drink Wine Day 2017 is on February 18. If you are planning to attend a posh wine party, then impress the crowd with these amazing wine facts.

Amazing Wine Facts for National Drink Wine Day 2017

  • One standard acre of grapevines produces approximately 15,940 glasses of wine.
  • There is a right way to hold a wine glass and it is backed by a scientific reason, too. Hold your glass of Zinfandel by the stem and not by the bowl. The heat from the finger is transferred to the glass, which in turn, raises the wine’s temperature.
  • European wines are named after their geographical origins, whereas other wine names indicate the grapes used in it instead.
  • Women have less tolerance to the effects of wine, so they get drunk sooner than men.
  • The red color of red wines is a result the fermentation of grapes with their skin, whereas white wines are fermented without the grape skins, and thus as are transparent.
  • Scientific studies have revealed regular wine drinking in moderate quantities can reduce the risk of heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, and gum disease.
  • California is the fourth-largest wine producer in the world, after France, Italy, and Spain.

More Amazing Wine Facts

  • The scent of a young wine is called an “aroma,” whereas that of a matured wine is referred to as “bouquet.”
  • Not all wine ages well. Only a few French wines will prove to be better with time.
  • A standard glass of red wine or white wine has about 110 calories. Sweeter wines contain more calories.
  • In places like Australia in Southern Hemisphere, grapes are ready when it is spring in the Northern Hemisphere. So, that would make an Australian wine six months older than its American and European counterparts.
  • Oenophobia is the fear of wine.
  • Global warming can redefine the future if wine cultivation. A slight change in the temperature will drastically temper with wine quality and taste.
  • The world’s oldest bottle of wine dates back to 325 AD, and was found near the town of Speyer, Germany. It is on display at the town’s Historisches Museum der Pfalz.
  • Wine tasting is essentially wine smelling, and women are said to be better at it. This is because women have a better sense of smell than men.



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