New Year’s Eve Last-Minute Party Ideas: Food, Games

New Year's Eve
Credit: Credit: Andrew Theodorakis / Stringer/Getty

New Year’s Eve celebrations are fun and it’s a great way to welcome 2017 with friends and family. Imagine your friends having a fun time over some delicious food and drinks, as well as sharing some memories.

If you haven’t yet planned out your New Year’s Eve party, here are some great last minute party ideas which are inexpensive, fun, and easy to organize.

Easy Last-Minute Party Ideas

The key to a wonderful party is to make sure that every guest who walks in has a great time. This begins with planning the event well.

Send Festive Evite or Call: You can evite your friends. For a more personal touch to the invitation, just make phone calls. This will help with getting guest confirmations, and you can also delegate tasks like bringing snacks, drinks, and appetizers.

Party Time: Plan the New Year’s Eve party later in the evening, maybe around 10:00 p.m. This way, if your guests arrive post-dinner, then you simply have to worry about having enough the appetizers and drinks. The other option is to arrange for a potluck and organize midnight snacks.

Provisions and Food: You can ask your guests to bring in their own appetizers or consider having a potluck as mentioned above. Drop the elaborate menu and focus on simple, easy-to-make comfort foods instead. For guests with dietary restrictions and fussy eaters, you can request they bring their own food.

Champagne and Alternates: Champagne could be expensive, so you could try some inexpensive alternatives, like Mionetto Prosecco Brut or try making your own sangria. For guests who don’t drink alcohol  or designated drivers, provide non-alcoholic beverages for them.

Decorations: New Year’s decorations help make the event more festive, but keep it simple. Go for decor like curled ribbons, glittery bowls filled with snacks for centerpieces, ornament balls, and candles.

Music, Dance, and Games: A party feels complete when you have some wonderful music in the backdrop. Get started and create a New Year’s Eve party play list. Think of fun games like a noisemaker competition or a moments of the year game (where you can share important moments of 2016). You can also play some music and get your friends active by dancing the night away.

Photo Booth and Photographer: Having photo memorabilia is great. Create your own InstaStory on Instagram and posts on social media. Request one of the guests to be the photographer for the event, or alternately set up a photo booth.

Ring in the New Year 2017 with these last-minute party ideas which are fun, easy to organize, and within budget.



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