Nicole Scherzinger Instagrams Boxing Video: Lewis Hamilton’s Ex Also Follows Healthy Food Plan for Strong Abs

Nicole Scherzinger Instagrams Boxing Video: Lewis Hamilton's Ex Also Follows Healthy Food Plan for Strong Abs
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Nicole Scherzinger recently Instagrammed a fierce and inspiring boxing video. The X Factor judge can be seen punching hard and one could see the immense strength in her punches. The boxing workout is intended to increase her muscle tone, and improve strength and power. Looking at her carved physique, we believe boxing is a really great workout for everyone. It has also helped Lewis Hamilton’s ex to build the most enviable abs in Hollywood.

Gettin it in with the Viking! My girl @thevikingmethod ????

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Let’s look into her healthy food plan and workout.

Nicole Scherzinger’s Workouts

Scherzinger has always been in great shape. She does the typical workouts like running on the treadmill, squats, sit-ups on the exercise ball, and some yoga stretches. She also enjoys taking SoulCycle spinning classes, doing power yoga and hot yoga (Bikram yoga), and hiking.

The singer says she is a big fan of The Viking Method trainer, Svava Sigbertsdottir, and together they do a combination of functional training, martial arts, and ballet isolation exercises. Her friends may also accompany her to the workouts at the gym or go hiking together.

Nicole Scherzinger’s Healthy Diet

Scherzinger sticks to a portion controlled diet. The singer’s early morning drink is refreshing coconut water which she also sips when feeling low on energy.

For breakfast, she loves to eat eggs and toast, smoked salmon, bacon or porridge. She also eats scrambled eggs with turkey sausage or turkey bacon.

Her lunch includes any soup, sandwich, salad, or sushi. Her snacks comprise of almonds, coconut water, bits of coconut, and baby carrots.

She doesn’t like to go heavy on her pre-workout snack and eats some fruits or a banana. She will carry with her healthy foods like cheese, turkey, cherry tomatoes, almond milk, regular milk for tea, coconut water, and eggs for when she gets hungry.

For dinner she prefers anything from seafood pasta to brown rice, meats, chicken, veggies, and sushi.

Scherzinger loves to indulge in Mexican food with additional cheese! Her indulgence list is endless—she loves pizza, french fries, salt and vinegar crisps, chocolate, and truffles. Her other guilty pleasures include a good curry and a good Sunday roast. We wonder how does she manage to still be in shape?

To keep her energized throughout the day she relies on a good cup of coffee. Her other energizing secrets include a lot of sleep and drinking lots of water.

She believes in moderation and keeps away from munching late at night.



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