Rachel Hilbert, Victoria Secret Pink’s face shares her Victoria Secret Fashion 2016 Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Rachel Hilbert
Credit: Dominique Charriau / Stringer / Getty

Being a Victoria’s Secret model is as glamorous as it sounds. Jetting across the globe, visiting fabulous cities, wearing beautiful clothes, mingling with celebrities… it’s a dream job for sure, and Rachel Hilbert gets to call it her own.

Hilbert is the face of Victoria’s Secret Pink, and was a model for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016 that happened in Paris this week. The show will air on December 5.

Staying fit and looking great are extremely important, especially for runway models who have to fit into sample size clothing, which is notorious for being at the extreme end of near-zero.

When PopSugar interviewed Hilbert and asked about her workout routine, she was rather blasé about the whole thing, and said that getting ready for the runway show in Paris provided no extra pressure on her at all.

“It’s not the job that made me work out. I’ve always been an active person.” Though she does admit that the job does add a little bit more motivation to be healthy, she appreciates having that push in her life.

“It’s a little bit more motivation when your job is to also look healthy and all of that,” she said. “I love [working out for the job] because I’m definitely a lot more healthy than I would be otherwise.”

When getting ready for shows, like the one that happened in Paris, Hilbert has a very practical approach. She doesn’t overthink it or stress, but spends time doing the things she needs to do to be ready, and those include eating a strict diet that is clean, and doing her workouts.

Hilbert’s Exercise Habits

Exercise and being physically active, especially doing intense cardio workouts, has always been a part of her DNA. She says she is a natural athlete. Hilbert, 21, is also a dancer and skier. “Working out makes me feel good,” she says. “It makes me less anxious, and is a stress reliever for me. You don’t have to do certain things to look a certain way, it’s just a healthy lifestyle you have to adapt to.”

She works out all year long and is constantly switching her workouts up—she even has a personal trainer, Michael Strevel at David Barton Gym, that she works with. The trainer does body assessments and tailored workouts based on current needs and goals. Being sore every day is part of her reality.

Of what workout she thinks will take 2017 by storm, Hilbert says that “I feel like Body by Simone was this year, so next year something with heat! Like a heated Pilates. I can see that happening.” Her go-to exercise for her butt is a fire hydrant and back kicks on all fours, and for her abs, a Pilates crunch with the Pilates ring.

Her breakfast every morning is two eggs over-easy and half an avocado, along with a good cup of coffee. And like many of her fellow Victoria’s Secret models, pizza is her number one indulgence meal after a show.

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