Selena Gomez Instagram Queen: Here’s How Justin Bieber’s Ex Stays in Shape despite Lupus 

Selena Gomez
Credit: Kevin Winter / Staff Getty

Earlier this year Selena Gomez had to cancel her world tour because lupus was making it very difficult to perform. But even if fans couldn’t see her perform on stage, lupus couldn’t stop them from cheering her on over Instagram. It was recently revealed she had the top five most liked posts of the year, which shows that she has plenty of contact and support within her fan base whether or not she can be with them in person.

Selena Gomez’s Transformation

About a year ago, some vacation photos of Selena surfaced and some losers on the internet started calling her fat. And although she responded by taking the high road, she also lost a lot of weight—and it’s not like she had a lot to lose—to prepare for her world tour.

To get into shape, she worked with celebrity trainer Amy Rosoff Davis, who told Cosmopolitan about some of the strategies they used.

Gomez leads a pretty active life and was working with her trainer 3-5 times per week before taking things up a notch to get ready for the tour. To make sure her fitness level was optimal to handle the rigors of touring, they started training together seven days per week.

They included things like hiking, circuit training, cardio, Pilates, yoga and stretching into her fitness routine, making sure all her muscles were being used and kept active.

Gomez didn’t experience her results with workouts alone. What she ate was also a huge part of her success, which Davis said included a pretty clean diet high in whole, organic foods. To alter her physique and fuel her workouts, Gomez limited the amount of fast food she was eating, but she never really went on a diet. Instead she just focused on making better choices. Some examples of what she ate include: eggs, avocado, rice, beans, sushi, chicken, chorizo, olive oil, turkey and a selection of vegetables.

Not Focused on the Scale

Two very unique components of Gomez’s fitness routine were that she didn’t diet or use a scale to track her progress. Davis didn’t want her to become a slave to a particular diet or weight loss; instead, they focused on decision-making and how she looked and felt. This is a good approach because it’s so easy for people to get caught up in the weight, or restrictive diets, that they lose sight of their health and lifestyle.

By being loose and not keeping to any strict rules—just keeping active and eating better quality food—Gomez was able to shed weight and shut up the haters. Now hopefully she can do her best to manage the lupus, stay healthy, and keep giving the people what they want!

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