Sofia Vergara, Joe Manganiello: Couple Celebrates First Wedding Anniversary with Cake and Sweet Instagram Pics

Sofia Vergara
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Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary on November 22. Congratulations to the beautiful couple! The Modern Family and Magic Mike stars posted to Instagram to show off their adorable anniversary cake (one with an edible bride and groom looking very happy). It’s very likely that the two indulged in the delicious cake to celebrate the special day. Aside from special occasions, though, it is imagined that both actors keep a healthy eating plan and workout regimen—c’mon, have you seen the two of them? Here is a look into how they stay in shape.

Sofia Vergara Diet and Workout Regimen

Many people know Sofia Vergara from her role in Modern Family. The actress is also known for being very curvaceous. Growing up in Colombia, Vergara was used to eating lots of foods that are not necessarily good when consumed in excess. Things like ice cream, pastries, sweets, and chocolate contributed to her being fuller in her youth. Since taking better care of her health, Vergara has made some important decisions about the types of food she eats.


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Her diet plan helps her maintain her voluptuous figure. She eats small meals five times a day to keep a healthy and active metabolism. This is also known as a portion controlled diet. All her meals have a healthy amount of carbohydrates, fats, and protein. Vergara avoids junk and oily foods, although she still enjoys her sweets.
A typical day for Vergara looks like the following:

Breakfast: Fat free breakfasts are the way to go. Vergara enjoys raw veggies and fresh fruit drinks as a way to fuel her day.

Snacks: Vergara loves a dairy product like yogurt, and sometimes she might indulge in a sweet snack.

Lunch: Vergara likes to eat pasta, or perhaps a salad, with a lean protein.

Snacks: For her second snack, the actress likes to eat oatmeal, a glass of juice, and some fresh fruit. This is a high fibre snack that is great for digestion and regularity. She also drinks tons of water to keep hydrated and clear skin.

Dinner: Dinnertime is all about low carb meals. Although the specifics are unknown, it’s not a stretch to assume that Vergara likes to eat veggies with healthy protein.

Vergara’s workout routine includes a combination of dance, cardio workouts, and aerobic exercises. Her cardio workouts include cycling or jumping rope, and she also does wide dumbbell squats, close grip bicep curls, and reverse crunches. These various exercises help tone her whole body—legs, arms, abs, shoulders, thighs, and buttocks. It’s no wonder she looks so amazing; a whole-body workout helps balance Vergara’s food choices, which are sometimes guilty pleasures like sweets and ice cream.

Joe Manganiello Diet and Workout

You may remember him from HBO’s True Blood—Joe Manganiello is a heartthrob, and standing at 6’5”, the actor definitely works very hard to keep an incredible physique (just think about his role in Magic Mike). So, what does his healthy lifestyle look like? Well, it starts off in the morning when he wakes up to go to the gym at 7:15 a.m. Manganiello works out six days a week to keep that chiselled body.

Before his workout, he usually likes to mix granola with Greek yogurt, and he has a whey protein shake to ensure his strength and performance is at its best in the gym. While in the gym, Manganiello works with his personal trainer. Together they do exercises like box jumps, Olympic style lifting, overhead push presses, and lunges. He pretty much trains like a pro-athlete, and after his workout, he refuels with another protein shake. For his second (yes, second) breakfast, Manganiello heads to his favorite diner in L.A for an egg white omelet with ham, feta cheese, patters, and a side of black coffee and fresh fruit.

His second work out happens at around 11:00 a.m., where he does some cardio on the treadmill for about 30 minutes and sprinting every 60 seconds.

Joe also likes to eat multiple meals throughout the day to keep him fueled and energized. He likes chicken breast, corn, and green beans. Baked buffalo chicken wings with hot sauce are also a favorite. He also likes leafy green veggies and Italian-style salmon. For dessert, he likes sugar-free popsicles, which is an old habit for his True Blood days, where he kept his diet sugar and carb free.

Look at their cake!

Our anniversary cake❤️❤️❤️❤️

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