Sofia Vergara Takes to Instagram and Shows off Her Fit Body

Sofia Vergara Takes to Instagram and Shows Off Her Fit Body
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Modern Family star Sofia Vergara vacationed with husband and fellow actor Joe Manganiello over the Christmas holidays in a tropical paradise, the exact location of which remains undisclosed. Vergara has posted a multitude of shots to her Instagram page chronicling their holiday thus far, with her amazingly fit body front and center in many of them. How does the 44-year-old mother stay in shape even while on vacation? Keep reading to find out!

Sofia Vergara’s Fitness

While the Emmy nominated actress is the first to admit that she isn’t a fan of exercise, she does try to work it into her schedule at least three times per week. Even on vacation, she’s found ways to stay fit, as she posted photos of herself partaking in yoga as well as paddle-boarding both within the last few days.

Morning yoga in paradise ? #Imverybadatit

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Yes! I can even do this with a skirt!!????????

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Both exercises can provide a better workout than you’d think, and are easy to stick with because they’re relaxing and fun. Yoga is fantastic for stretching and toning your muscles, while paddle-boarding is a great arms and core workout. When standing on the board, your core engages to stabilize your body, and your arms use the paddle to push against the resistance of the water, letting the enjoyable and easy-paced water sport serve as an effective upper body and torso workout. You can see the benefits of Vergara’s semi-regular exercise in the following Instagram post where she poses in a cute, off-the-shoulders bathing suit with side cutouts.

Good morning!!??

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Sofia Vergara’s Diet

When she was just 28, Vergara had to undergo surgery and radioactive iodine therapy during her little-known battle with thyroid cancer. As you would expect, this had a dramatic effect on her outlook on life as well as her eating and exercising habits. She reveals that for the three months following her successful treatments, she stuck to purely organic foods and cut out anything that wasn’t considered completely healthy, going so far as to take shots of spinach juice. It was a change that she couldn’t keep up with though, admitting that living her life so strictly was absolutely exhausting.

Nowadays, the actress tries to eat a balanced diet instead, though claims she’s lucky as she naturally enjoys foods like fish, vegetables, and salads. At the same time, she is not shy about her enjoyment of desserts–cake in particular–and practices moderation to keep her healthy. This includes eating healthy during weekdays and treating herself on weekends. She also asserts that she has a genuine enjoyment of food, and will eat healthy throughout the day so she can dine out for dinner and not worry about what she’s eating. She even refers to her love of trying new restaurants a favorite hobby.

Sofia Vergara is looking fantastic, and the vacation photos posted on her Instagram can attest to that. The actress is clearly enjoying her time in paradise with loved ones, and practicing her preferred method of moderation when it comes to her diet as well as adding in fun exercise multiple times per week, leaving her happy, healthy and fit.



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