Starbucks Open Hours on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day 

Starbucks underfiling

Starbucks is ensuring that their fans can head to their favorite place this Christmas 2016. Starbucks will remain open for Christmas! We are sure Starbucks fans are desperate to know the open hours on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

The coffee chain is open normal business hours on all holidays and the hours of operation would probably be 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. To serve people on their way to work or returning from the night shift, Starbucks stores will be open at 5:00 a.m. in around three-quarters of all large American cities.

They close by the end of a business day at 6:00 p.m. If the coffee shop is located in the mall, it adheres to the timings of the mall.

Local Starbucks will set their own policies regarding holiday hours. Some may be closed, some may be open for business throughout the entire holiday, or some may have reduced hours. To precisely know the timings of any particular store, it is recommended to use a store locator, or find the web site info or call the store itself.

Starbucks Christmas Offers

Starbucks have come up with some exciting offers this Christmas. There is a huge variety of Christmas gifts which can surely please your loved ones.

Christmas Blend Vintage 2016 (Ground)

Price: $14.95

Distinctive cedary, spicy layers balanced by a sweet, rich smoothness. Sumatran beans take intriguing flavors as they age, and it is aged up to five years and then roasted. Latin American and Indonesian coffees completes this blend.

Create Your Own Red Traveler

Price: $13.97

A ceramic red holiday cup ready to be customized with creativity. It is 12 fl oz, ceramic with a press-in lid and silicone seal. Features double wall construction and includes paint pen and belly band. Hand wash only as it is not microwaveable.

Stainless Steel Cold Cup (Copper)

Price: $14.96

It is 16 fl oz, stainless steel with double wall construction. For cold beverages only. Also hand wash only. Comes with a reusable straw and  plastic lid. Do not microwave.

Nesting Cups Ornaments

Price: $11.87

Set of three ceramic ornaments in white and green.

Red Plaid Tumbler

Price: $16.07

This stainless steel tumbler is 16 fl oz with a rotating lid. Hand wash only and do not microwave.

Gingerbread House

Price: $13.97

Design your very own Starbucks Café and then eat it! Comes with one ounce of red, white, and green candy beads, six peppermint sticks, one Starbucks® logo sign set, two ounces of red gumdrops, eight ounces of white icing, half an ounce of candy cane candies, and a half ounce of red holiday cup candies.



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