Super Bowl Food Ideas for New England Fans

New England Food
Credit: Andrew Burton / Staff

Get ready football fans! This Sunday, February 5, the New England Patriots will play the Atlanta Falcons. While the Patriots look all confident making their ninth appearance in the Super Bowl, the Falcons are also all set to give star players like Tom Brady a tough game.

Sitting on the Northeastern part of America, New England has coastal food habits, with a love of seafood and maple syrup. If you are supporting the Patriots in the finals, then your Super Bowl party food menu should essentially include some dishes from that region. We have some amazing Super Bowl food ideas for you and your guests to enjoy for the Super Bowl 2017 finals.

Super Bowl Food Ideas for New England Patriot Fans

Lobster Rolls

As the name suggests, the customary sausage is replaced with succulent lobster. The filling is prepared out of a salad made of poached lobster, mayonnaise, butter, and scallions. This is then nicely placed inside a buttery, perfectly toasted hot dog bun. Replace the usual hamburgers with this famous New England street food.

“Beantown” Baked Beans 

Place a nice big bowl of slowly-cooked baked beans with molasses and salt pork beside the gourmet nachos bowl.

New England Clam Chowder

Being a coastal state, seafood is mainstream to New England. Following the lobsters are the clams, making a splash in chowder soup.


Stuffies are especially popular in Rhode Island. It’ a dish of minced quahog (or hard clam) mixed with breadcrumbs (or cornmeal) and spices, that is prepared and stuffed in the shell of the clam or the quahog. It is then baked right in the shell.

Fried Clams

This time, give overrated buffalo wings a break and serve a platter of crispy fried clams instead. They go well with buffalo dipping sauce, or even with simple mayonnaise.

Grape-Nut Ice Cream

Yes, it might sound bit odd, but it will surely be a hit with children and grown-ups alike.


Cranberries are native to New England. Try including this as juice, sauce, or just in its natural form. Your health-conscious friends and family will be delighted to see a bowl of cranberries alongside the fried clams and lobster rolls.


Doughnuts are a popular fast food, particularly in New England. If you want to feel like a true New Englander, whip up a batch of jelly doughnuts and enjoy the game with them.

These are just a few native New England food items to keep you company during the upcoming big game. You can also add other New England food items to your game day menu. Have a great party, enjoy the game with good food, and may the best team win!



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