Tyra Banks Adopts Paleo Diet, Adds Oatmeal, Green Tea to Her Diet Plan

Tyra Banks
Photo Credit: Bello

Supermodel Tyra Banks has worked for over 20 years in the fashion industry. When she left modeling to pursue other ventures, she eased up on her strict diet and gained some weight. She has been following a Paleo diet, and eating oatmeal, and drinking green tea in an effort to lose some of it.

In the past, Banks put in a lot of effort to maintain the slim body designers prefer on models (because in their opinion, clothes simply look better on skinny women), but even at the height of her career, she was a healthy size.

These days, she’s fine with her appearance. In an interview she gave in 2015 on Live with Kelly and Michael, she told the hosts that she thought she looked better with a little extra weight, though after a clothes malfunction that same year (the seams popped on a dress), she decided to shed a few pounds to feel more comfortable, not because of beauty industry standards.

Tyra Banks decided to clean up her diet to achieve her weight-loss goals; specifically, she moved to a Paleo diet but also included oatmeal and green tea in it. Green tea is a thermogenic; it heats up your body, which can in theory potentially help you lose weight by burning fat.

Banks eats six small meals a day. Her lunch often includes a salad loaded with mixed greens, raw vegetables, chia, and a salad dressing made with coconut oil. And since she regained her energy from this diet and weight loss, Banks now goes to the gym five times a week where she focuses on lower body and core training exercises, as well as cardio. Her new approach to diet and fitness have her looking better and healthier than ever before!

Since moving to a Paleo diet and working out with a trainer, Tyra Banks has lost 20 pounds. Her trainer says that kicking the carb habit has helped Banks feel more energetic and have more motivation for deeper workouts.

She starts each morning with a bowl of what she dubs “power oats,” which is a combination of oatmeal, honey, blueberries, raw cacao powder, hemp seeds, and a cup of green tea.

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