Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s late night Cheats Meal, French Toast topped with loads of Apple Pie

Dwayne Johnson
Photo credit: Ralph Notaro / Splash News

It was just recently that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson posted a picture of him on Instagram that took his fans by complete surprise! The actor and former athlete, known for his muscular shoulders and toned physique, was binging on thick slices of delicious French toast topped with loads of sweet apple pie!

The cheat meal and one of Dwayne’s favorites showcased a fun, playful side of the actor. The Instagram post was captioned “Yeah so this cheat meal went down at 11:45pm last night. 8 slices of sour dough French toast topped with loads of apple pie.

Sat on the couch like the big, brown, bald, tattooed glutinous version of Jabba The Hutt and watched the Force Awakens again. It was my Christmas gift to myself and I want everyone out there to remember one of our golden rules during the holidays.

Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself. #TheForceIsStrong #SoIsMyPieGame #DwantaClaus.” His fans and followers loved the honest and quirky post as it received more than 690,000 likes and 4800 comments with fans beaming with delight at the star’s midnight craving meal.

Dwayne Johnson’s workout and diet:

When he isn’t binging on cheat meals, Dwayne Johnson loves nothing more than a good work out! Having won the WWF Heavyweight title a whopping six times, it is no secret that the star does everything possible to maintain his stunning muscles and abs.

Dwayne’s typical day starts by waking up at 4am for six days a week and doing a fifty minute cardio session, all before breakfast. He then hits the gym, following it with a range of heavy workouts and exercises.

The pro-athlete says he generally changes his workout patterns depending on the role for his upcoming movies; however his 4 am routine pretty much stays the same.

Dwayne’s ‘Gain and Pain’ workout routine is something that he swears by. The workout focuses on various aspects and exercises for five days of the week. It comprises of hammer strengths, four way neck machine, back extensions, leg press, lying leg curls, cable triceps extensions, one arm reverse grip extensions, cable crossovers and push-ups amongst several others.

The diet for the workout includes chicken, barley, brown rice, egg whites, asparagus, rice cakes, oat meal, peas and sweet potatoes. The primary aim of the diet, as stated by Johnson is to gain muscle and keep fats minimal. It mainly focuses on proteins, fibrous carbs and vegetables.

Dwayne Johnson’s Tattoos:

Dwayne Johnson sports a total of eight large tattoos, each having a major importance in his life. The ‘great eye’ for instance, on his left arm is for distraction of the wearer’s enemy.

The ‘warrior spirit’ on his chest signifies struggles, while the tattooed swirls represent the past, present and future.

The stones on his biceps are linked to achievement and abundance, circular design means warriors enlightenment and the “isa/ga fa’atasi” stands for his wife Dany, daughter Simone and himself.

The tortoise shell (lower left arm) and brahma bull (right arm) stand for protection from evil and his zodiac birth sign (Taurus) respectively.

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