Foods to Eat after Wisdom Tooth Removal

Reduce Tooth Pain

Dealing with post-wisdom tooth removal trauma isn’t easy. Firstly, there’s a huge discomfort to deal with. Secondly, there’s anxiety as to what should be eaten now that there is one less tooth, in addition to the sore gums and pain that go with it. People often wonder what foods to eat after wisdom tooth removal.

Wisdom teeth, which are the third and the last set of molars, generally grow when a person is in their mid-to-late teen years. They may grow up to the age of 30, or they may not grow at all. Most of the time, the growth is partial and often painful, because there is no space left in the jaw. The complications during their growth, such as impaired jaw structure, gum inflammation, decay, or cysts are quite common, and require the tooth to be surgically removed. If not done on time, it is not only painful, but starts damaging the neighboring tooth.

After the extraction of the wisdom tooth, the mouth feels sore, void, and partly droopy for some time, thanks to the anesthesia. The position of the wisdom teeth is near the premolars and molars. So, any kind of solid food that needs chewing and gnawing will come in contact with the freshly extracted area, and we know how intolerably painful that could be. Therefore, common sense will tell you to avoid solid food items. So, what foods should be avoided or eaten after wisdom teeth removal? Let’s find out.

Foods to Eat after Wisdom Tooth Removal

So, you just got your third molar, commonly known as a “wisdom tooth” removed, and are now looking for foods to eat during the recovery period. To begin with, try controlling your solid food cravings and consume soft or liquid foods only. However, it’s still essential to get the required proteins, vitamins, and minerals throughout this temporarily changed diet. Also, stay away from hot foods. Eat cold or lukewarm foods.

Here’s a list of soft foods to eat after wisdom tooth removal for a safe recovery.

  • Applesauce
  • Ice cream (plain, without nuts or chocolate chips)
  • Soups
  • Jell-O or pudding
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Yogurt
  • Smoothies or milkshakes
  • Instant oatmeal
  • Soft, ripe fruits
  • Cottage cheese

Daily Diet Plan Sample

Breakfast: Eat a healthy and filling breakfast even after wisdom tooth removal. Prepare a plate of soft scrambled eggs and a chilled glass of your favorite milkshake.

Lunch: For a mid-day meal, have some lukewarm cream of mushroom soup with soft bread. You can also add some cottage cheese, Jell-O, or pudding to the menu.

Snacks: Soft-ripened fruits like bananas and avocado make a healthy snack. Also consider flavored yogurt, ice cream, or applesauce with honey.

Dinner: Wrap up the day with a tasty dinner. Include well-cooked pasta dishes like macaroni and cheese with extra cheese, roasted fish fillet, and mashed potatoes on the side.

While these are all good foods to eat after wisdom tooth extraction, you can mix up the food items and create your own diet plan. Just be aware that some of the soft foods you can eat after wisdom tooth removal need some chewing, as they might be sticky or starchy. Some examples include peanut butter or starchy rice, so be sure to avoid such foods. Also, do not use straws to sip fluids.

Foods to Avoid after Wisdom Tooth Removal

To avoid excruciating pain and infection, certain foods should be avoided altogether after wisdom tooth extraction. Of course, these include solid foods. This is to prevent any harm to sore and vulnerable gums, as well as to help proper blood clot formation and speed up the healing process. But there’s more to the list, so keep reading to find out.

Here’s a list of food items to avoid after extraction of a wisdom tooth.

1. Crunchy foods

Popcorn Bag

Chips, nachos, popcorn, fruits, raw vegetables, and fritters should be avoided as these foods require proper chewing. Furthermore, the tiny solid pieces may get lodged in the gap and cause gum infection.

2. Hot and spicy foods and drinks

Has the soda ban gone too far or not far enough?

It’s best to avoid spicy and high-temperature foods, as they could cause irritation and impede the proper formation of the blood clot.

3. Aerated drinks

Avoid soda and carbonated drinks. The bubbles and acid as a result of carbonation can meddle with the blood clot and cause it to dislodge.

4. Small foods

Edible seeds like sesame or poppy seeds, as well as rice grains may look small, but they aren’t harmless to sore gums. The tiny solid particles may get wedged between the gaps, or poke the inflamed gums and cause pain as well as infection.

5. Smoking

Quit Smoking

Avoid smoking cigarettes. Inhaling smoke into the mouth will disrupt and dislodge the blood clot formation.

6. Alcohol

It is highly recommended to avoid drinking alcohol for at least two to three days after tooth extraction. Alcohol combined with prescribed medication may cause toxic, harmful effects to health.

7. Acidic foods

Avoid consumption of acidic foods such as vinegar and sweeteners, as they can also worsen the pain and affect the blood clot formation.

Post-surgical care is essential to avoid further dental problems, infections, and aggravation of existing pain. Stay away from solid foods, don’t drink carbonated drinks, and skip smoking. Be sure to eat soft foods and drink smoothies to allow proper healing of the extraction area. In addition to eating the right foods, be sure not to rinse your mouth too often, as it may lead to bleeding.

Get plenty of rest and use ice packs on the area to reduce pain and inflammation. Also, take any prescribed medication on time. All these factors will facilitate fast healing, and enable you to get back to your regular routine.



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