Keanu Reeves, 52, Looks Fit in John Wick 2 Trailer Thanks to His Healthy Eating & Insane Training Regimen

Keanu Reeves
Photo credit: Ethan Miller / Staff /Getty

Keanu Reeves is not a stranger to the action-thriller movie genre and possesses the agility and a body similar to younger actors. Despite being 52, Reeves’ stamina landed him another challenging role in John Wick: Chapter 2. He looks as fit as ever thanks to his healthy eating and workout regimen.

Keanu Reeves’ Training Regimen

Reeves is always occupied with a number of action roles, but he has never subjected himself to rigorous workouts. Though he does not have a muscular physique, he is still regarded as one of the fittest and strongest actors in Hollywood.

The way he plays the powerful, aggressive roles without having a toned body is incredibly impressive. Rather than sporting a chiseled body, Reeves concentrates on building and maintaining stamina. For that, he regularly exercises and takes up some physical activities in addition to following a healthy lifestyle.

Reeves previously starred in thrillers such as Point Break, Speed, and the science-fiction trilogy The Matrix.

He first worked with stunt choreographers Chad Stahelski and David Leitch to learn the stunts for the Matrix movies.

For the Matrix films, Reeves’ exercise regimen also included weight lifting and boxing training.

He focused on his lower-body strength and core muscles for the action stunts. He had to do a number of complex and physically grueling action stunts flawlessly to make it look natural and effortless.

Keanu Reeves’ insane training routine for John Wick 2 had the action star firing a gun on a shooting range to prepare for his role as the world’s most dangerous hitman.

The video has gone viral with over six million views:

His weapon training helped him do justice to his role in the movie.

In the original John Wick, Reeves worked with a stunt choreography studio called 87Eleven, run by Leitch and Stahelski in Inglewood, California.

He says if the first film was like a black belt, then John Wick 2 is a third-degree black belt.

Reeves is as strong as any young actor, and his endless strength can be witnessed in his roles in Man of Tai Chi and 47 Ronin. He performed some jiu jitsu and judo moves for the movies.

Keanu Reeves Diet Plan

He reportedly does not abide by any diet but makes sure he eats healthy. Reeves is said to include rice, chicken, pasta, and vegetables in his daily diet.

He prefers eating clean and healthy food and does not overindulge in anything, as he is well aware of the consequences of unhealthy foods.

The secret behind his youthfulness at 52 is a balanced diet of protein, carbs, and healthy fats. Reeves eats small meals in between to avoid getting hungry and to curb the cravings for junk food. He allegedly enjoys drinking beer or wine occasionally.

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