MasterChef Australia Runner-Up Matt Sinclair to Open Food Truck and Catering Brand

Photo credit: Instagram @_matt_sinclair
Matt Sinclair

Photo credit: Instagram @_matt_sinclair

Although he came up short in the season eight MasterChef Australia finale in July (despite heavy speculation that he’d win), MasterChef Matt Sinclair’s South Asian street food stall is set to open at Brisbane’s Eat Street Markets. MasterChef Matt Sinclair’s food truck business will be called Ten Piece Cutlery. MasterChef Matt Sinclair’s catering market plans will target weddings and special events.

MasterChef Matt Sinclair’s food dream is set to become a reality. Owning a food truck has always been a goal of the former coffee roaster, and he got to work on a food truck during the MasterChef Australia competition.

Sinclair says the equipment ready to go, and he hopes to open Ten Piece Cutlery any day now. The name of the food truck, Ten Piece Cutlery, is about not being afraid to ditch the cutlery and just eat with your hands. The MasterChef Matt Sinclair food stall is still without a published menu. That being said, Sinclair has revealed some of his menu ideas, including short ribs, lamb ribs, fish tacos, Thai-inspired chicken, and a soft-shell crab burger.

Many MasterChef Australia fans may know that Sinclair is handy with a smoking machine, and he can also make a great broth. However, did you know that Matt Sinclair’s coffee roaster career also equipped him with the skills and knowledge to create a great cup of joe? For two years, Sinclair spent his days with a La Marzocco espresso machine at Little Cove Coffee in Noosaville, Australia.

Matt Sinclair’s MasterChef Experience Taught Him A Lot

Sinclair placed second in the MasterChef competition after a tense three-round battle, losing to winner Elena Duggan. Sinclair and Duggan became friends on the show. The 27-year-old runner-up praised Duggan for her victory, saying that she absolutely earned the win.

After the competition’s conclusion, Sinclair visited his former training grounds, Wood Fire Grill in Noosa Heads, Australia. Sinclair decided to join MasterChef Australia after being encouraged by Wood Fire Grill chef and friend Jeremiah Jones. Sinclair has thanked Jones for providing creative freedom and guidance on his journey to becoming the runner-up on MasterChef Australia.

It was a challenge for Sinclair to transition back to real life after being consumed for so long by the competitive MasterChef mindset. Sinclair says the atmosphere of a service kitchen is completely different from that of the MasterChef kitchen. On MasterChef, Sinclair was required to create dishes within a set time period.

Although Sinclair is busy preparing for the launch of his food truck, he will return to Wood Fire Grill for an exciting and delicious event. The event is called “Meet Matt at the Grill!” and it will take place August 17 and 18. The four-course set-menu dinner is collaboration with Jones. The event is a chance to meet Sinclair and enjoy some of his famous dishes from MasterChef Australia. Sinclair will also be making some new dishes for the event.

Dishes Sinclair has made include a blackberry sorbet with tempered chocolate, salted-almond tuile, honey nougat, and port jelly. MasterChef Australia fans remember Sinclair’s dishes for being flavorful, elegant, and sophisticated. When it comes to his food stall, he will serve dishes that are comforting and simple with a focus on Southeast Asian cuisine.

As runner-up on MasterChef Australia, Matt Sinclair took home a cash prize of $40,000, which will certainly help him with his food truck and catering brand.

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